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This week we have an interview with Jeff Jonas. He's one of only three people who have raced every Ironman in the world. He's got a fascinating approach to the sport and his training. 

We also have News, Discussion of the Week, Statstastic and Questions and Answers. 

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On this weeks show we have 9 time Ironman winner Luke McKenzie. He talks about the Island House Triathlon, what happening with his racing and his new clothing.  


We also have: News, Discussion of the Week, My First Tri, and Question and Answers.

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News: Results from Xterra World Champs and some other races; Coming up races. 

This Weeks Discussion: Share your nations top three faster Ironman, both male and female, in Kona of all time. Comment here. 

This Weeks Photo: Here's John and Dr Feelgood handing the winners metals to John's kids at a local race. 

Age Groupers of the Week: This week we look at all of the age group winners from Kona this year. Plus we compare their times to last years winners. 

Coaches Corner: We look into a study conducted by Dr Jennifer Robinson that promotes moving away from the Rice method in dealing with injury. You can read the study here

This Weeks Websites: There is the drafting article we were talking about on the show

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News: Matt Russell is doing well after his crash at Kona; Both Ryf and Gomez are going for the million dollar prize with the Triple Crown; Results from The Great Floridian; Top earners in the year so far, we talk about wetsuit cheaters at Kona.

This Weeks Discussion: This Weeks Discussion: This week we want to know how should cheats be dealt with in the sport of triathlon? Also what do they need to do to be forgiven? Comment here

Interview: This week we have an interview with former pro athlete Dirk Bockel. He talks to us about racing Kona as a pro and this years race. He also talks about his new book The Art of Triathlon Training, which you can get by clicking here

Website of the Week: This week we have two websites. One is the movie 100 Meters. The other one is Breaking 2, the documentary about Nike's attempt to break 2 hours for a marathon. 

Age Grouper of the Week: We look at all of the female age group winners at Kona. 

My First Tri: Brett Ryan sent through his first tri, it's a funny story. 

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This week it's all about The Ironman World Championships. We talk about the big race and have interviews with age groupers and pro Jocelyn McCauley who raced over on Saturday. 

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This week we have our Kona Super Special. We cover this weekends Ironman World Championship and then we have lots of interviews, these include interviews with: Thorsten Radd (, Michael Fox (, Jo Coombe, Nicky Rose, Rory Duckworth, and Greg Penner.

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This week Mirinda Carfrae comes on the show to talk about her last year. In this time she as become a mother. She shares some amazing insight into how to deal with this special time in your life. She also talks about what she'll be doing as she heads back into pro racing. You can check out  Mirinda's website here:

We also have an interview with Daniel Clarke.  Daniel, who runs, is an up and coming pro athlete. This week he comes on the show to talk about the transition from being a total beginner in the sport, to being an age group winner, to then go pro. He shares insights, and some tips, into progressing in the sport. You can check Daniel out here:


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This week we have an interview with Steve Kirby & Wayne Kurtz on Deca racing. They have so much experience in this field, on both the racing and organisation side of the sport. If you want to hear about the next level of endurance racing you will love this interview. 

We also have News, Website of the Week, Discussion of the Week, Statstastic and Questions and Answers.

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News: ITU worlds results; Other results; ITU Hall of Fame; 70.3 Chongqing postponed; Coming up races. 

This Weeks Discussion: Nutrition is a big part of racing and one of the most important meals for a race is your breakfast. So for this weeks discussion we want to know what is your race day breakfast and why you have it?

Interview: This week we have Braden Currie on the show. He talks about life away from the family, his racing this year, and his goals for the Ironman World Championships. You can follow Braden by going to his website:

Age Grouper of the Week: We look at the ITU worlds and name some of the age group champs. 

Statstastic: This week we look at how many athletes were able to compete on the ITU circuit. 

This Weeks Websites: ITU Hall of Fame; Superleague

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News: Les McDonald passes away; 70.3 Champs; Results from Challenge Aldmere, Ironman Wales and Ironman Wisconsin; Coming up races; John's ITU update. 

This Weeks Discussion: We are sure some pro's would love to hear the answers to this weeks discussion, here it is: Would us (i.e. imtalk community) trying to crowd fund for a pro athlete work? What would you want in return for say $10/mth for a year? 

Statstastic: We look at Daniela Ryf's career results. 

Coaches Corner: John goes through his 5km plan. 

This Weeks Websites: ÖtillÖ Swimrun World Series, Deca in Switzerland


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