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News: Results from Ironman WA; New Challenge race; John keeps ranting; Lance Armstrong opening Tri Business Conference; Sad news about Craig Percival; some random stuff. 

This Weeks Discussion: It's that time of year where we need to buy our Christmas presents so this week we want to know what are the best triathlon gifts for under $100. 

Coaches Corner: Jorge Reynal sent through a question about the difference between FTP testing on a trainer and outdoors, and what that means for our results. 

My First Tri: Sam 'Hot Rod' Hicks sent through this first tri. 

This Weeks Websites: A great thank you to Craig Percival

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News: Results from Ultraman, Ironman Cozumel; New Challenge race, IMWA and Hits Palm Springs are coming up; John keeps ranting; some random stuff. 

This Weeks Discussion: What is one triathlon item you bought that you wished you hadn’t? It's that thing that you bought that never got used or you discovered was a total was of time. Comment here. 

This Weeks Photo: Here's the swim start at John's House of Travel Festival of Triathlon. Spot John in the background. 

Interview: This week we have an interview with Paul Laursen and Dan Plews, from They go into detail about HRV. 

My First Tri: 'The Scary Bear' Richard Waddington sent through this first tri. 

Interview: We get Rob Wilby on the show again to talk about improving your Ironman swim for the busy age grouper. Check out his work at



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News: Results from Ironman Arizona and Fortaleza; Lionel Sanders breaks WTC record in a time of 7:44:29; John's Rant; ITU Cross World Champs; Coming up races; New Iron distance race in Australia. 

This Weeks Discussion: What format do you want at the Olympics? This week we want to know what race you want to see at the Olympics and why you feel this way.  

Interview: This week we have an interview with endurance sport writer Matt Fitzgerald. We talk about his new book The Endurance Diet: Discover the 5 core habits of the worlds greatest athletes to look, feel, and perform better. 

My First Tri: Murray 'The Holly Hammer' Lapworth sent through his first tri. 

This Weeks Websites: Greg Mcdermot's ride around AustraliaGood Article about packs in Kona.

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News: Our new website; Ironman Malaysia results; Ironman Arizona is coming up; Challenge awards bonuses for European prize money; ITU may be changing the distance at Tokyo Olympics; 24hr world champion's power files; Uberman results. 

This Weeks Discussion: Is a sub ten hour female performance the same as a sub 9 for the guys? If not what do you think is a more realistic number to compare? Comment here


Interview: This week we have an interview with Rosie McGeoch. Rosie won her age group at the Ironman World Championships. This was only her second Ironman race. 

My First Tri: Ryan Docherty sent through his first tri story. 

Interview: We have Mark Livesly from He shares his experience from racing in China in the weekend and gives us some info on how to make the most out of Xhale. 

This Weeks Websites: Daniel Clarke's TransitionUberman1.com24 hour cycle record file.  

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News: Results from Ironman Florida; Ironman Langkawi is coming up; Jorgenson did the New York Marathon; IMWA have binned their carbo event; IM Weymouth has stopped, 70.3 continues. 

This Weeks Discussion: This week Bevan wants to know what is your most disappointing moment in your triathlon career? We don't want to hear stories of redemption, this is the time where you sucked and you were gutted because of it. Comment here

Interview: This week we have an interview with John McAvoy. John was a hardend criminal who managed to turn his life around, while in jail, through sport. From there he's gone on to become a high level age group Ironman. John has recently released his book 'Redemption - From Iron Bars to Ironman'. You can get it from his website here:

Statstastic: This week we look at the slowest IM of all time. Which leads us to an interesting man by the name of Walt Stack. 

Age Grouper of the Week: We look at the winners of the 50-54 age group at Kona. 

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News: Results from IM Barcelona, IM Taiwan and Xterra World Champs; Kona wrap up; Iron Century; No Gomez at Kona 2017; Selling IV at races. 

This Weeks Discussion: Steve Morris send through this question: If triathlon was a more mainstream sport do you think a performance like Ryf would be being questioned? In many other sports as soon as someone dominates in the way she did at Kona their performance is questioned. What do you think? Comment here


Website of the Week: Lee Spoor sent through this amazing site that creates a cool visual version of your training ride. Check it out here:

Interview: This week we have an interview with Pro Athlete Dimity Lee Duke. She shares what it's like to be a pro in Asia, her road to becoming a pro, and what her goals are in the sport. Check out her Facebook page here:

This Weeks Websites: Benn Coubrough's websiteFinn's infograph on his race

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