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This week is another interview packed show for you! There's one about heart health, then we have one about strength training for endurance athletes, and then we finish up with a Legends interview with Valeria Silk (the original race director in Kona). 

Interview: We have the author of The Haywire Heart, Chris Case on the show. He talks to us about his book and how doing to much exercise can be bad for the heart and what we need to do to protect it. Find out more about the book by clicking here

Interview: Kriss Hendy is a top strength and conditioning coach who focuses on Endurance Sport. He runs which is a great resource for your strength training. Kriss talks about the importance of strength training, how to fit it into your training week and year, and what you need to think about when you are doing it to make sure it's effective and safe.  

Interview: Our last interview is with Valerie Silk. Valerie Silk was known as the mother of the Hawaii Ironman. When John Collins departed Hawaii Valerie took over the race as the race director. For ten years she grew the race from a very small event into an event that was known world wide. In this months Legends of Triathlon podcast Valerie shares many of the stories from her years at the Ironman World Championships. This is a great interview. 


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With the boys being away we have an interview packed show for you this week. 

Interview: Melissa Urie has recently completed Epic 5. We get her on the show to talk about the event and all of the other crazy training she has been doing. You can check out what Melissa is doing by going to

Interview: In 2009 Aaron Galley had an accident where he lost in arm. For a lot of people this would put them off from doing Triathlon but not for Aaron. In 2015 he started his triathlon journey and since then he has achieved some amazing things. This week we talk to him about his journey, how he has to change his training due to his arm, and his plans for the future. 

Interview: Today we have one of our Legends interviews with one of the most successful female triathletes of all time, Erin Baker. In her professional career she raced in 121 races of which she won 104! She also won world Championships across all the different distances in the sport. She was often an outspoken person in the sport who had a huge influence on issues like equal prize money for both Female and Male athletes. A true legend of triathlon. 

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News: The results for Ironman Brazil (and Tim Don's amazing result), and Challenge's Championship Race; Coming up Races; Wanda buys Competitor Group; John's ITU update. 

Coaches Corner: This week we talk about what to do when you are injured. 

App of the Week: Here's the app of the week, Headspace. 

John's Race Report: John breaks down his Kona 70.3 win. Here's his file from the race

Epic Camp Interviews: This week we have interviews with a few of the people on Epic Camp. It's gives you some insight into the everyday athletes life. 


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We have prerecorded this week show as John has headed over to Hawaii. We have two great interviews on. 

Interview: Debi Hazelden complete her 100 Half Ironman's in 100 days recently. We get her on the show to talk about her experience. Go to their Facebook page to support their fundraising, Our photo this week is of Debi and John. 
Interview: We put our interview with Peter Reid from Legends of Triathlon on this weeks show. Peter shares some amazing insights into his career, it's a must listen. 
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News: Results from Ironman Lanzarote and a few 70.3's; A new 70.3 in Sri Lanka, Challenge Championship field; Ironman Brazil and Frenchman is coming up. 

This Weeks Discussion: If you were to create an epic training day for Epic Camp what would it involve? Remember you only have a 12 hour window for training. Comment here. 

This Weeks Photo: Here's Bevan with one of his Taiwanese team from his latest trip. 

High 5: Rob 'The Spine Tingler' Green sent through a High Five on what to do when dealing with an injury.

Statstastic: We look at the men who have won the world title back to back. 

Workout of the Week: John talks through a swim from this week. 

My First Tri: Mick Simpson sent through his 'My First Tri' story. 

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News: Lots of 70.3 results; Ultraman Oz update; Ironman Lanzarote is coming up; Outlaw sells out; John's ITU update. 

This Weeks Discussion: The Mountain Snail sent through this article which is about a new drug that may have a big impact on the mind side of endurance sport. This made us think about the mind strategies that you use when you are training. So in this weeks discussion we want you to share your best mind strategies when you are training and racing. Comment here

Interview: This week we have an interview with Ironman Australia winner Laura Siddal. She talks about her season so far, what she has planned for the rest of the year, and the life of a pro. You can check out Laura's website here:

Diet Wars: We discuss this article, which puts another twist in the LCHF way of thinking. 

Workout of the Week: John goes through his Ironman effort Marathon training session. 

This Weeks Websites: Performance Nut Butter Kickstarter

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Go to for this weeks show notes. 

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News: Results from Challenge Taiwan; St George 70.3 and Ironman Australia are coming up; Speeds at Ironman Texas; A death in the swim at Ironman Texas. 

This Weeks Discussion: Where do you feel the future of long course triathlon is? John was inspired to have this discussion because races like this one are going so well, click here to check it out. Comment here

Statstastic: This week we look at the last time one nation had the top three at the World Championships. 

Interview: Gillian Aspin comes on the show to talk about a study that she is doing around mental health in triathletes. She currently has a survey that she would love for you to fill out, Sports Psychology research into beliefs character traits and anxiety and depression. It will take 15mins to do and it is completely anonymous.

Workout of the Week: John talk about this run


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News: Results from Ironman Texas and StrongMan; Brownlee wins his first 70.3; Chrissie went 2:49 at the London Marathon; It's baby season; The 70.3 World Championships will be in Nice, France in 2019; Challenge Taiwan is coming up. 

This Weeks Discussion: Would it work to have age group qualification for regional championship races and if they had championship waves would you be more motivated to attend these races? Comment here.

Interview: This week we have John Young on the show. He was the first person with dwarfism to complete an Ironman. He is such an inspirational person. You can follow John on twitter by clicking here. 

Workout of the Week: John takes us through one of his sessions this week, a Half Ironman at Ironman pace. Here's the files from the session: Bike File, Run File

This Weeks Websites: Nikes sub 2 hour marathon site

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News: Ironman Texas is coming up this weekend; 2 hour marathon record attempt is happening in early May. 

This Weeks Discussion: If you were to create a dream team to crack 8 hours, or even 7:45, for the guys or 8:40 for the girls, who would you choose and why? 

Statstastic: This week we look at the first person to do 20 consecutive Ironman World Championship races. 

Session of the Week: Leading up to Challenge Roth John is going to have a look at some of his key sessions during his training week. This week we look at his long ride. 

Coaches Corner: This week we look at an external cooling technique that can have a impact on your race times. 

Website of the Week: Daniel Ward sent through this great post from There's some great photos from the history of the sport. 

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