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Episode 104 Ironman Talk Episode 104 Ironman Talk

This Weeks News
 IM Australia and Auckland half results.
 IM South Africa and Arizona this weekend.
Camp Kia Kaha
Click here to get all the info you need about the best camp next year! Let the good times roll!
Johns’ race photos!
This Weeks Discussion

Would you ever date a woman that was faster or more well known than you in your sport? Say for example Chrissie Wellington or another top pro?

Further more, (maybe a forum question, definitely a hot topic)-- Is it emasculating to date or marry a woman that can beat you at a discipline?  Or an an entire triathlon? How about being married to a woman that is faster than you and brings home the bacon?
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Age Grouper of the Week
James Flynn sent through this weeks age grouper, here his email:
This isn't Age Grouper of the Week, but it would be great if you could mention somebody special. Our group HEAT (Hartford Extended Area Triathletes) has a Sunday swim program at Cornerstone, a terrific swimming facility in West Hartford, CT.
We began in November, and will continue til June.  We rent four lanes at the pool, and range from beginners to Hawaii Ironman finishers. We've had a volunteer coach, Rich Flores who has been fantastic.  He has especially worked with the people who have room for improvement while the fast people beat the heck out of each other in lane four. Rich has a great record of coaching young people who have gone on to succesful swimming careers in high school and college.  This is his first time with mostly older athletes.  He has a wonderful combination of motivation and teaching the technical side of stroke improvement.
Website of the Week

 Chris Tasker sent through this weeks website, it’s It’s a company that sells  Colostrum which is a dairy food high in nutrients  and protective agents that have natural immune and repair factors. The reason we like this website is because they have lots of information on why it’s so good.
Coach’s Corner
John went to a coaching conference about triathlon last weekend. He gives some insight into what he learnt, it’s a great discussion.

This Weeks Website

Ironman Oz, Auckland half, Kenting 226, Ironman South Africa, Ironman Arizona, Macca in Hall of Fame,

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