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Episode 105 Ironman Talk Episode 105 Ironman Talk

This Weeks News
 IM South Arica and Arizona results.
 IM China is coming up.
 Course change in IMUK.
Camp Kia Kaha
Click here to get all the info you need about the best camp next year! Let the good times roll!
No Drafting at IMOZ
This Weeks Discussion

Should it be compulsory to be a member of a tri club/association to do a triathlon.
If you want to add a comment click here: add comment then open the discussion.

Age Grouper of the Week
Daniel Moore sent through this weeks age grouper, here’s his email: A suggestion for age grouper of the week, my be appropriate.  My coach John Hill became the Australian Champ at Port Mc this weekend in the 50-54 age cat (despite not recovering from the flu).  He has done soooo many races this year since coming 7th in the 45-49 cat at Kona in 9.51 in 2007.

Soon after Kona, he won the 50-54 Cat. at the Western Australia IM in 9.25, (30 mins quicker than 2nd place!!!) and has since became Australian champ in all distances this season.  sprint/olympic/long course/half and ironman.

Anyway, i think he is slightly mad, after doing the IM this weekend, he's off to Canberra to do an Ultra Marathon this weekend!!!
High 5
 Anthony Ham sent through this weeks entertaining High 5: How to survive your coach!

Website of the Week

Rob sent through this weeks website: It has some audio files of interviews with Noakes, Daniels etc - not all of them relevant to IM but some good stuff on there.
Coach’s Corner
John Vickers sent through a question about doing an IM on 10 hours training a week. John gives his thoughts if this is the best path to take. He shares some good insight here.
This Weeks Website

This weeks results,, HR variability, Daniels forum,

Iron Rusts, Ironmen Don’t, Train Hard, Train Smart:
Kia Kaha
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