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Episode 17 Ironman Talk Ironmantalk Episode 17 - July 26th, 2006
In this week’s episode:
Results: Ironman Germany, Ironman Lake Placid, Longest Day and Lake Stevens 70.3.  
This weekends races: Finish Long Distance Champs, Kalmar Triathlon and Vineman 70.3.

Jugen Zack Retires.

Terenzo Bozzone’s thoughts on the Lifetime fitness.

Age grouper of the week:
Francine Burgess for riding for 8:31:08.

Websites of the week!: and

Coach’s corner:
How to fit training into a busy lifestyle. 5 Important tips to help you be successful fitting your training in.

Questions and Answers:
Ross’ questions about John Hellemans and his book. Plus he has the 89 finish!
Daniel’s question about the difference between ironman and 70.3 training.
Matthew’s question about power training.
Cramping tips for Rob.

We have a 30min interview with Olaf Sabatschus, a top professional Ironman and also the head of the Triathlon Professionals Organisation.

Train well
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