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Episode 24 Ironman Talk

In this weeks show:
This weekend's race results, plus what's up next week.

Hamish Carter saying that triathlon needs to be aware of drugs.

Interbike Coming up in Vagas!

Age grouper of the week

Katya Meyers for being the last name on the results page! Although, in a time of 11:33:39, she must have had a good race.
We also want to take away Jim Beuselinck’s age grouper award and give it to Mark Stenning. Mark came second to Jim in IMUK.

High 5 Keeping you swim cap on

1.  Get a hair cut if you have long hair. That was John’s hint for Bevan.

2.  Use a Silicone cap, the extra money is worth it. Plus make sure it has a grip around the bottom edge.

3.  Have dry hair when you put the cap on.

4.  Pull the cap right down so it covers the front of the forehead and the ears.

5.  Use a push start instead of diving in. This way the cap will stay on.

Questions & Answers
Matthew Cowdrey’s question about buying a power measurement kit for the bike.
Gary’s feedback on the British media’s coverage of their success at the ITU world champs.
Mark Stenning’s view on what happened in IMUK.
Dave Remy has put his race plan up again. Check out our links page.
Gary Fegans feedback from the Pirates in Germany.

This week’s websites
    Results: Ironman Wisonsin,    
    Bondesse Tri Challenge, Iron Desert, Lost
    Races coming up: Espirit Triathlon, Grand    
    Columbian, The Survival of the
    News: Interbike Conference. Kristel
    Laureyssen’s Calendar.
    Website of the week:  Marathon Guide.
    Other websites: Priates race reports.    

Train well
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