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Episode 28 Ironman Talk Ironman Talk Episode 28

In this weeks show:

This weekend’s race results, plus what’s up next week.
New Ironman Kentucky race
70.3 world champs course unveiled.
IMNZ has 10 extra Kona slots plus a bonus slot for last years entries.

Age Grouper of the week

This weeks age grouper of the week is from the 2005 Ironman Hawaii.
Andrew Eldridge from Australia won the Physically Challenged section in a time of 12.28

Bevan & Johns Kona Picks
Bevan’s guys: Cam Brown, Chris McCormack, Faris Al-Sultan, Oscar Galindez, Cameron Widoff.
Girls:  Natascha Badmann, Kate Major, Jo Lawn, Michellie Jones, Belinda Granger.

John’s guys: Cam Brown, Chris McCormack, Faris Al-Sultan, Raynard Tissink, Rutger Beke.

Girls: Natascha Badmann, Michellie Jones, Jo Lawn, Jo Zeiger, Kate Allen.

Hawaii Race Tips!

John and Bevan give their tips for being successful in the big race!
They cover eight different areas:
Traveling tips
5-10 days before the race
General tips

Ironman Corporation offer Kona slots in 70.3 races around the world. We would to know if you think this a good or bad thing and why? Click on the link below and then click on the word ‘comment’. Click here to add a comment.

This week’s websites
    Results: Ibiza Long Course.
    News: New Ironman race, 70.3 Champs
    course Epic camp, Mini Epic.
    Website of the week: Bikely,  Great crazy    
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