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Episode 35 Ironman Talk Episode 35 Ironman Talk

In this weeks show:

News for this week

This weekend’s race results, plus what’s up next week.
Ultraman update.
Luke Bell up against Cam Brown at Ironman New Zealand.
Ironman Hawaii on TV in the US.

High 5, Staying calm the day before the race.

1. Have a short Swim/Bike/Run in the morning - at race start time.
2. Meet up and have coffee with friends.
3. Watch a movie.
4. Go for a walk or do some shopping in the afternoon (not to long).
5. Clean your bike again!

Age Grouper of the week
Andrew Black is our Age Grouper this week. In the South Island Half Ironman he was in the front pack on the bike when 3km from the end his chain broke. Instead of calling it a day he ran to the bike/run transition and then went on to finish the race. Well done Andrew.

Website of the Week
Nick Mathers sent us through this great website: Sports Injury Clinic. Here’s what the website says about itself: Click where it hurts! The virtual sports injury therapist has been designed to ask the same questions a therapist would and demonstrate the same tests to help you identify your sports injury.

Dr John Hellemans
John Hellemans is one of the worlds top triathlon coach’s. As an athlete he has competed at the top level as both an elite and age grouper. He has just released a book about being a coach.
We have a great interview with him on his book plus his thoughts on Ironman.

***Get his book here***
‘The Triathlon Coach’.
go to

This week’s websites
    Results: Ultraman. South Island Half
    Upcoming races: Ironman WA.
    Website of the week: Sports Injury Clinic.    
    Other sites: Hawaii Ironman TV times.
    Where to get the older shows if you don’t
    have itunes:
    When you are there click on the grey word
    ‘Pod’ next to each shows episode.

Train well.
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