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Episode 49 Ironman Talk

News for this week

This weekend’s race results, plus what’s up next week.

IM New Zealand race preview.

Bevan and John in The Press

Flicker gets 2nd  at the AT&T Austin Marathon

Amazing article about drugs.

Meet John and Bevan in Taupo: Thurs, Fri 2-3pm at Blue Seventy.


High 5 Tourist Tips for Taupo


1 The tongararo crossing- a one day walk which takes you through sunning


2 A tandem skydive at the taupo skydive centre- they can watch you from 12000ft as they plummet to earth.

3 White water rafting- a number of world class rapids are near to taupo

offering cold wet fun for all levels.

4 Walk around craters of the moon- just a few miles away is a great little

park which allows you to walk around and see the geothermal past of taupo


5 A good old trusty new zealand bungy jump- what more can i say.


Product Review Center


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Website of the Week

Duncan Whyte sent us through this link to some bike porn from the tour of California. It would be nice to be in a cycling team where you get this stuff for free!

Click here to see the page: Bike Porn.




We’re asking for  honesty this week! This weeks question is: would you take drugs if you knew you weren’t going to  get detected and it would make you one of the top athletes in the world?


Click here to go to the page then click on ‘comment’ to add you goals. 


This week’s websites

    Website of the week: Bike Porn.

    Other sites: IM Malaysia, Ficker in Austin,

    Jo Lawns blog, IM ironing board, Landis

    rap, Amazing article about drugs.

    Where to get the older shows if you don’t

    have itunes:

    When you are there click on the grey word

    ‘Pod’ next to each shows episode.


Questions & Answers

We have loads of questions to cover this week. If you have any questions email us at:



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