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Episode 53 Ironman Talk - Peter Reid Episode 53 Ironman Talk

News for this week
This weekend�s race results, plus what�s up next week.
Ironman on You Tube.
Dick Hoyt keeps on giving the love.
70.3 Champs on NBC in the U.S.

Peter Reid Interview
We have Ironman legend Peter Reid on the show this week. He gives us heaps of insight into his life as an professional Ironman. Peter was really cool and we know you will enjoy the interview.
Check out his website:

Website of the Week
Uli sent us through wunderground. It�s a website that is a great source for weather stats. It�s very useful when you are traveling. Thanks, Uli.

High 5: Running Up Hill
This week we cover the technique you need to maintain when running up hill.
1. Keep leaning forward with your hips up.
2. Keep cadence high.
3. Short steps - don�t try to lift stride length when you want to go fast.
4. Keep good knee lift.
5. Maintain good rhythm, esp when the going gets tough.
Next week we�re going to cover running down hill.

What do you think the charge should be for entering a IM race? Is the price we pay fair?
Click here to go to the page then click on �comment� to add your comments.

Age Grouper of the week
Connie Dauben won the female 30-34 age group in IM South Africa. She also managed to get in the top 100 overall. Her race splits were: swim 1:21, bike 5:40, run 3:39 for an overall time of 10;49:09. Well done Connie Dauben, you are our age grouper of the week!

Kia Kaha
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