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Episode 64 Ironman Talk Episode 64 Ironman Talk

This weeks news
 Badmann breaks 70.3 record
 Plantar Fasciitis for Cam
 McCormack parts way with Kestrel.
 Results: 1-5 Ironman, Scloss IM distance, Eagelman 70.3, One 0 One.
 Coming up: IM Japan, UK 70.3, heaps of  Halfs around the world.

Hot topic
Should there be a separate Kona IM for those that can’t qualify for October. Would you go?
If you want to add a comment click here: add comment then open the discussion.

Age grouper of the week
Laura Sophiea is this weeks Age Grouper. Laura manage to win the 50-54 age group at the Eagleman 70.3 in an amazing time of 4:48.53. She did a 28.52 swim, 2:29.04 bike and a 145.33 run. That’s a super race. Laura, you are our age grouper of the week.

Website of the Week
Quite a few of our listener have sent this one through to us. Podrunner is a dance mix that comes in different BPM. Here’s their bit on their website:
Steve Boyett maintains two popular podcasts: iTunes Top 50 Music Podcast Groovelectric (dance music mixes of what he calls the New Old Funk), and Podrunner (driving, nonstop, one-hour workout mixes). Podrunner is one of the world's most popular podcasts, and was an iTunes People's Choice for Best New Podcast 2006.
High 5
Neil Scholes has done the work this week. The took the initiative and wrote us up a great high 5, How to improve triathlon performance.
1. Get a coach or get some coaching advice.
2. Do what you coach says!
3. Be Patient.
4. Be consistent with your training.
5. Put things in perspective.
6. Have fun!

Neil wrote up a great document with lots of detail, click here to get the pdf: Neils High 5
Coach’s Corner
John and I cover how to get sponsorship as an athlete. We broke it down into six different sections:
1. Who to approach?
2. How to approach them?
3. What can you offer?
4. What you proposal should contain?
5. What to ask for?
6. Maintaining the relationship.

John’s written up a piece on this. It will be up when he gets his new website up.
This weeks websites.
1-5 Ironman:
Eagelman 70.3:
Macca’s bike change:
Pirates on Youtube: one two
Ironman Japan:
UK 70.3:
Cheap movies
Website of the week:

Questions and Answers.
We had a few questions.

Iron Rust, Ironmen Don’t, Train Hard, Train Smart:
Kia Kaha

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