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Episode 66 Ironman Talk - Eneko Llanos Episode 66 Ironman Talk Bevan�s Roth Interviews Felix Macca McDonald Hellriegel Llanos While I�ve been in Roth I�ve been a busy boy getting interviews. These are all the interview I could put together while I was in Roth. I have managed to line up a few more for the future. I found every pro to be friendly, profession and a good advertisement for the sport. Check out their websites: Some photos from Roth Ralf and Silke were amazing on race day, they took loads of photos. Here are three, if you want to all of them click here: Ralf�s photos plus Ironman Coach David Glover,, has some photos here: Davidsphotos Age grouper of the week Stuart Steele competed in Roth, he�s a regular listener of the show. The cool thing about Stuart was that he did the race with his father Ian. I couldn�t find their results on the web but they did managed to get the local newspaper the next morning. Let us know how you went Stuart. It must have been an amazing experience to share with your dad. Website of the Week Michael Secrest broke the world 24 hour world cycling record. He road 535.86 miles in the time. This is impressive in its self but Michael is 54! This guys is unbelievable! Here�s the website with the report and photos: High 5 Rob Ritchie sent us through this weeks High 5. Getting your colleagues bosses involved in your sport to make your training life easier 1. Train with your bosses / colleagues 2. Write up a blog / update for company newsletter 3. Enter colleagues in team races or corporate challenges 4. Write up a beginners training programme (copy one from a mag) 5. Set up a visible progress chart 6. Wear company logo on race kit (and get some photo�s in it!!) Interview with Eneko Llanos I was at the airport and I saw Eneko Llanon. I went up to him and asked him if he could do an interview, being the champ that he is he agree. It was great to get his perspective. This weeks website for all the race results. Cycling drugs, website of the week: Iron Rust, Ironmen Don�t, Train Hard, Train Smart: Kia Kaha
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