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Episode 77 Ironman Talk - Swim coach Haydn Woolley Episode 77 Ironman Talk

This weeks news
 Results: The Grand Columbian, Great
Illini, Espirit and the Big Man.
 The Red Man, Lake Barkley, Odyssey.
 Lots of athletes get their Olympic spots.    
This weeks discussion

It a chance for your partner to have their say. This week we want Iron-partners tips to keep the relationship in tact in the build up to the big day?
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Age grouper of the week

Sarah Hawkins sent through this weeks age grouper, here’s who email:
We moved house to Dorset approx 8 miles from the venue of Ironman UK two weeks before so his ironman training including unpacking furniture! The day before the event he fell off his bike and bruised his hip and took a few layers of skin off his shoulder and elbow .... looked very sore.  But his bike was OK!!!!
Ed soldiered on and in true PIRATE spirit he peeled on his wetsuit and faced the Ironman!  This was only his fourth ever triathlon race after a sprint, an olympic and a half ironman distance... here it was his first attempt at Ironman (he wants a tattoo badly!)
He finished in 11 hours and 6 minutes and smiled the whole way round and stayed upright on his bike!  He crossed the finish line with our dog Jack who supported him all the way round and joined in the cheering at the finish line with a few woofs!!  I was very proud of his 190th position out of approx 1600 competitors WOW not bad for a first one eh????!!!!
 So here I give you ED HAWKINS of the UK.......Age grouper of the week (Pleeeeeease!!) Respect guys .... your podcasts have kept him going on those long sessions

Mrs Sarah Hawkins - Ironwife!

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Coach’s Corner

We had an interview with Haydn Woolley last year. It was one of the  most popular interviews we have ever had. So this week we got him on the show again. He covers Distance Per Stroke. Another great interview, thanks Haydn.
Go to to see some of Haydn’s wicked swimming products.
Questions and Answers

    Your feedback on IM races that have disappeared.
    How to best prepare for 2 IM races in 6 weeks.
    Things to do when you can’t train.
This weeks websites

Race Results: Grand Columbian, Great Illini Triathlon, Espirit triathlon, BigMan. Coming up: RedMan, Lake Barkley, Odyssey, Bennett 300k,
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