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Episode 78 Ironman Talk Episode 78 Ironman Talk

This weeks news
 Results: The RedMan, Lake Barkley Full
Odussey, Espirit, Cancun 70.3
 Coming up: Chesapeakman, Elbaman
 Changes to 70.3 Champs course.     
This weeks discussion

Would you be interested in competing in long course Aquabike races? Is there a place for these races in you build up to an Ironman?
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Age grouper of the week

Tim Cote sent through this weeks age grouper, Chelsea Sanders. There what Tim said about her:
On this topic, I did want to recruit my buddy Chelsea Sanders for the real age grouper of the week. She has been working her ass off training for this ironman and ended up being the first women! This was her first ironman distance race and she got first place! Unbelievable! I mean this was no Hawaii or Ironman sanction event but, hard work is hard work. And she did awesome. (and she's an ironman listener)
High 5

How to look after your eyes
1.    UV Protection – in NZ all sunglasses must have higher than 98% UV protection but overseas ?? – some optoms have a machine to measure UV & infa red
2.    Lubricating drops – your eyes can become dry in some conditions (very dehydrated, dry conditions etc), use preservative free eye drops (more expensive but worth it).
3.    Always have an eye exam every 2 years especially if you are over 45 (why? Because over the age of 45 higher risk of glaucoma (silently robs your sight)
4.    Contact lenses – be careful when swimming because it’s easier for bacteria to grow in the matrix of the contact lens material more so than the human eye (clean lenses as told by optom)
5.    If you have sight issues you can get prescription swimming goggles (and good glasses for that matter eg Oakley with Transition lenses)
Website of the week has made some changes to the look of there forum page. We give our opinion on it. Go to to check it out.

Questions and Answers

    Question about run volume for a half marathon.
    Question about injuries?
This weeks websites

Race Results: The RedMan, Lake Barkley Full, Odussey, Espirit, Cancun 70.3 Coming up: Chesapeakman, Elbaman. Changes to 70.3, Challenge Roth shop, Cheesecake factory,

Iron Rust, Ironmen Don’t, Train Hard, Train Smart:
Kia Kaha
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