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Episode 89 Ironman Talk Episode 89 Ironman Talk

This weeks news
 Results: Taupo half.
 Coming up: Rotorua half.  
 Slowtwitch picked up on our AG’er of
the week and there is an interview with
Bree Wee
This Weeks Discussion

Ed sent through this weeks discussion: Would you rather take a 70.3 slot that you had earned or a lottery slot for Kona that you have won?
Great question Ed.

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Age Grouper of the Week
This week we have 4 age groupers, it’s the Mcdonald family!  Last weekend they all raced in IMWA. Having 4 family members in one race is amazing by itself but what’s really amazing it that all of them got in under 10 hours! Here are each persons splits:

MCDONALD, Chris 00:52:11 / 04:26:47 / 03:02:03    08:21:13

MCDONALD, David  00:54:13 / 04:44:55 / 03:30:42    09:10:02

MCDONALD, Daniel  00:51:59 / 05:04:45 / 03:45:58    09:42:54

MCDONALD, Marilyn  01:03:48 / 04:59:44 / 03:55:57    09:59:41

High 5

Nik Cook sent us through this weeks high 5, here’s his email:
Just thought I'd drop you a quick line.. Really enjoy the show, only just got into it after being away from multisport for a bit. Quick bit of info about riding/training on a fixed.. attached is an article I wrote on the subject for Ultra Fit UK. Main advantages are
1: Increased cadence
2: Smoother peddling stroke
3: Greater strength (you've no gears to shift down on hills so its up to you)
4: Time efficient, no freewheeling and even having to work on downhills
5: Bombproof, maintenance free bike for those of us who live in less clement climes... saves your best bike a winters work.
6: You feel totally in touch with your bike.. a bit zen.. no I won't start chanting.
7: A definite cool factor
Website of the Week
Shane Bellanger sent through this weeks website, here’s his email:
I was checking out a tri web store, , and found this awesome water bottle/gel flask.   I bought one and will definitely buy another.  In the interest of Ironman antics (IM FL 2004), I am currently registered for the Disney Race and a Half, where I am running a 5K on Friday, 13.1 on Saturday and 26.2 on Sunday around Disney World.  The Gel-Bot is going to save me much hassle as I crank through the 42.2 miles.
Shane Bellanger
This Weeks Websites,  
Iron Rusts, Ironmen Don’t, Train Hard, Train Smart:
Kia Kaha
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