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Episode 94 Ironman Talk Episode 94 Ironman Talk

This weeks news
 IM Korea may be gone.
 Macca to do Frankfurt and Roth.
Camp Kia Kaha
Click here to get all the info you need about the best camp next year!Let the good times roll!
This Weeks Discussion

We want to know your predictions for what will happen in the world of Ironman in 2008. They can be race results, who will get done for drugs, fashion etc...
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Age Grouper of the Week

Phil Brown sent through this weeks age grouper, here’s what he said: I'd like to nominate my friend, Emma Tilston, from Wales, who also completed The Big Woody.  Her time of 15:02 (1:35/9:04/4:23) again, is not going to break any records, but it was also her first season of triathlon
(you've got to love the coaching school of Bevan James Eyles!) and a year ago, she couldn't swim front crawl at all.  Not even a little bit.  To me, she exemplifies what ironman is all about - with being smart, dedicated and sensible about the training, ordinary people can do extraordinary things.  I think she got more applause than anyone else that crossed the finish line and somehow won 2nd female vet!

High 5
Kat sent through a fun High 5 for this weeks show: How to not look like a dick when out training or racing!

Website of the Week is a great site to check out all the lastest news on endurance sports in New Zealand. Check out their dating website as well!

Coach’s Corners

Keeping Swim sessions interesting: Swim with a swim squad where possible. Be brave if you are not super confident. If there are no swim squads see if you can get some group sessions going nominating someone to write the programme
Always have a written programme before you go to the pool
use the clock to motivate you
take times for all intervals, get to know your different paces
use clock to count lengths for long sets, keeps you on track
Do sets on times rather than rest intervals
For example 12 x 200 (4 on 3:30, 4 on 3:15, 4 on 3:05) as opposed to 12x200 on 15RI
Use watch for long swims to help with counting and motivation.
Break long swims up to help with counting (eg 2km straight repeating 400 steady / 100 mod hard rather than 2km steady)
Document your times
Do regular time trials to asses progress
Get yourself filmed (more than once)
Each session try to focus on one aspect of your stroke

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Iron Rusts, Ironmen Don’t, Train Hard, Train Smart:
Kia Kaha
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