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Episode 97 Ironman Talk Episode 97 Ironman Talk

This weeks news
Coming up: Malaysia.
New races: Forestman and Plymouth Rock.
Inside Communications bought by
Competitior Group
Camp Kia Kaha
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 This Weeks Discussion

This weeks question is: have you done an endurance events such as coast to coast which is harder than Ironman?
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Age Grouper of the Week

Denise ‘The Red Hammer’ Wood send through this weeks age grouper. Here’s her email: I know Jim "Jolly" Rogers already sent you some info about Louisville and the fact that we got to spend time with Chris and Daniel McDonald - that was so cool, what great guys! He nominated me for Age Grouper of the Week after CDA and I think it is only right that I return the favor - besides he earned it! A 12:36 in his first Ironman! WooHoo! Did he mention that this was also his first marathon ever!! Jolly had a great day battling a tough course and some brutal heat, and anyone tough enough - or is it crazy enough - to take on their first marathon in an Ironman is my hero!!

High 5
Richard Marlow sent through this weeks High 5, Off Season Mojo. He’s got some great tips in there. Thanks Richard, love your work.

Website of the Week Brain and Heather are doing 16 70.3 races around the world in 8 months to raise Awareness for Testicular Cancer and Acquired Brain Injury.  An amazing effort, and they are paying for most of it themselves My site has just signed a deal to sponsor 4 or 5 of their races.  They are just ordinary human beings, not pros doing something for a cause. 

Coach’s Corners

If you are doing two races in 6 weeks here’s the best way to approach it:
You need to be very fit to handle two good races
Have the first race as your key race
Shorter taper
Straight back into it the day after the race
Recovery protocol after the first race is crucial (eg, skins, stretching, nutrition, sleep….)
Avoid running for 4-5 days and be careful for the first 2 weeks post race, good chance to aim for a lift in swimming
Providing all is going well resume fairly normal training after 10-14days, careful with running
No runs over 2.5hrs, aim for better quality
important to get some quality riding in before 2nd event
Possibly shorter taper also for 2nd event

This Weeks Websites
Ironman Malaysia, Forestman Triathlon, Plymouth Triathlon, Inside Communications story, Bens Drug story about Keat,

Iron Rusts, Ironmen Don’t, Train Hard, Train Smart:
Kia Kaha
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