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News: Results from Ironman New Zealand; ITU Update; The WTF segment. 

This Weeks Discussion: As athletes we can get to the place where we are making practical decisions around our nutrition, where we only look at it as fuel. This can mean that our food choices can be a bit weird, like the guy Bevan talked about on the show who has sardines with weetbix. This week we want to know what are the weird food choices you have made because 'food is just a fuel'.  

Interview: Ironman New Zealand winner Jocelyn McCauley is on the show. She absolutely smoked the race, pulling off a sub 3 hour run! She talks us through her day. Here is her website:

Interview: We also have another interview with an age grouper who has turned pro, Kimberley Morrison. She has achieved some great results in her time as a pro. Here is her website:

Wanger of the Week: We have our latest wanger of the week. 


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