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News: Results from Ironman South Africa, Oceanside and Texas 70.3s; Sea2Sky Challenge; Ironman's new volunteer incentive. 

This Weeks Discussion: Daddy Death Peter Tinholt sent through this weeks discussion. He was wondering: How do other people feel when they have raced previously (and have now pulled away from Ironman) and then gone to watch? Was it tough? Emotional? Let us know what that experience has been like for you. Comment here

This Weeks Photo: Here's three legends of the sport (Scott Molina, John Hellemans, and Scott Ballance)  at John's Sea to Sky Challenge last weekend. 

Statstastic: This week we look at the oldest Ironman races around the world. 

Interview: This week we get Mitch Anderson on the show to talk about his breaking the 12 hour world record cycling mark, doing 501.6km. He talks us through his whole experience. Plus he shares some other great insights into the sport. You can follow Mitch on Twitter by clicking here

Website of the Week: James Thamm send through an article from his local newspapers about Major League Triathlon. Click here to check it out

This Weeks Websites: Here's Jocelyn McCauley's website

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