Your weekly fix in all things Ironman!

News: Ironman Texas is coming up this weekend; 2 hour marathon record attempt is happening in early May. 

This Weeks Discussion: If you were to create a dream team to crack 8 hours, or even 7:45, for the guys or 8:40 for the girls, who would you choose and why? 

Statstastic: This week we look at the first person to do 20 consecutive Ironman World Championship races. 

Session of the Week: Leading up to Challenge Roth John is going to have a look at some of his key sessions during his training week. This week we look at his long ride. 

Coaches Corner: This week we look at an external cooling technique that can have a impact on your race times. 

Website of the Week: Daniel Ward sent through this great post from There's some great photos from the history of the sport. 

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