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Episode 25 Ironman Talk Ironmantalk Episode 24 - Sep 20th, 2006

In this week’s episode:

In this weeks show:
This weekend's race results, plus what's up next week.
Bevan and Johns report after their big training weekend.
Zack gets 2 years!

Age grouper of the week
Alicia Parr is our age grouper of the week for coming in 3rd, including the men, in the Grand Columbian! Well done Alicia.
Also check out Katya Meyer’s website, last weeks winner.

High 5 Cold Weather IM Tips

1. Overdress, it’s better to be to warm than to cold!

2.  Roll arm warmers up.

3.  Have gloves, toe warmers and a hat to wear on the bike.

4.  Wear a disposable polyprop.

5.  Delay getting into the swim too early.

Questions and Answers

TJs question about lactate testing devices. Go to Lactate Pro.
Des told us about The Vitruvian race. Plus asked about for more information on John lactate results.
Gary wanted to know if a long bike, long run brick is a good thing?
Fausto wondered if doing a marathon 4 months out from an Ironman is a bad thing. John had a similar question.
Ben wanted to know what ‘Ironman Pace’meant.
Rob gave some great feedback on IM Canada. He asked if they should have wave starts with such big numbers?
Guy wanted to know about road bike tyres.
Gary and Neil let us know that IMUK may be moving.
Andrew let us know about some races.

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