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News for this week

This weekend’s race results, plus what’s up next week.
WTC is off the list of WADA applicants.
Changes within Ironman North America Inc.
Gossip: WTC are thinking about dropping the cutoff to 14 hours.

We want you to think of ways the pros can stretch their muscles more to get better conditions/pays with race organizers?

Website of the Week
Wikipedia - triathlon page. It’s cool because it has heaps of information on triathlon. It covers some of the athletes, types of races and a bit of information on history of the sport.

Age Grouper of the week
Joe Turcotte is this weeks age grouper. Joe has completed 5 Ironman races this year. In doing so he has raised $21,000 for Janus Charity. That’s a great effort.
We also mentioned how Adam Tice lost 140.6 pounds to do Ironman Florida. 

High 5 Saddle Sores
1. Only use Steroid Cream when you have saddle sores, don’t use it for prevention.
2. Exfoliate in the shower.
3. Wear boxer shorts or underwear that gets rid of the moisture. No cotton.
4. Have 3-4 days off the bike. Give the sores a chance to heal.
5. Use a male doctor, or maybe not!

Coach’s Corner
John covers two areas this week.
After getting a question on how sex effects racing performance John did his research and shares the results.
He also covers how to climb effectively when your riding. Next week we’ll cover desending.

This week’s websites
    Results: Deca IM, IM Florida, Auz
    Upcoming races: Silverman, Florida 70.3,
    Miamiman Half.
    Website of the week: Wikipedia - triathlete
    Where to get the older shows if you don’t
    have itunes:
    When you are there click on the grey word
    ‘Pod’ next to each shows episode.

Train Well
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