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Episode 52 Ironman Talk Episode 52, Time with a virgin.
Your weekly Ironman fix.

News for this week
This weekend’s race results, plus what’s up next week.
Simon Lessing is selling his Tri Dubai kit for charity.
20 Questions with Erin Baker on Xtri.
Geelong to become Australian home of 70.3.
101 has sponsors.

Interview with Chris Rose
Chris completed his first ever Ironman in  New Zealand. We got his insight as a first timer. He shares what he learnt on his big day.

Website of the Week
Now John has a ipod Matthew sent through this link. It’s a website where you can buy your favorite triathletes song list from itunes. It raises money for charity, great idea.
The website is:

It’s coming up to our first year of Ironman Talk. We want you to put forward your 3 favorite moments from the show. We’re going to make a big thing out of these answers during the first year show.

Age Grouper of the week
Jack Lynch stuck to the traditional Ironman plan by having an easy swim, bike and hammered the run. We also mentioned some Japanese guy who managed to just stay in front of the clock the whole day.

Coach’s Corner
John covers cramping in the swim. Why it happens, what we can do to avoid it and how to deal with it in the race.
John’s going to covering how to run Epic like training over the next few shows. Next week we have Peter Reid.

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