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Episode 55 Ironman Talk Episode 55 Ironman Talk

News for this week
This weekend’s race results, plus what’s up next week.
Tour de France prologue going to be in a mall.

Website of the Week
David Craig sent us through the link to Neil Hammond’s website. Neil has broken down the statisical chances of qualifying at all the different races around the world. Check out this site, it’s very interesting:

High 5 For Our First Year
1. How quickly the numbers grew.
2. Making the show fun. How our show has evolved, fun and informational.
3. Getting Coffee’s of Hawaii advertising with us.
4. Peter Reid interview,
5. The positive feedback from you, thanks.

Joel sent through this one. What nutritional product do you like on race day? This can be food, drinks or supplements. Click here to go to the page then click on ‘comment’ to add your comments.

Age Grouper of the week
Mac, Bevan loved his first name, Brown managed to come in 16th at California 70.3 last week. While he had a slow swim, 31.55, he had backed it up by biking and running like crazy. John thinks Mac could be someone to look out for in future. Mac, you are our Age Grouper of the Week!

Coach’s Corner
John went down to Dunedin with some athletes to use the swim flume. This week he covers some of the things he picked up on during that experience.
Plus he showed the success can take a lot of time and patience.

Product Review Centre: is a great dvd for improving you running technique. We review this week.

Kia Kaha

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