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Episode 57 Ironman Talk Episode 57 Ironman Talk
In this weeks show:
This weekend’s race results, plus what’s up next week.
20 questions with Rebecca Keat on Xtri
Our bike jerseys are coming!

Website of the Week
Uli sent us through this weeks website. is a great resource for all things about running. They have articles on any thing you can think of. It’s very cool.

Product Review Centre
Stuart Staples sent us through his book, Not Normal Behavior. It’s a great story into his first Ironman experience. It’s a good book to give to your partner or someone who doesn’t understand our crazy sport! Get in on our Amazon store.

Age Grouper of the week
Jonathan Scott was having a good day in Port Macquarie when his cassette on his rear wheel broke at the 90km mark. Instead of calling it a day, which would have been fair enough, he started walking. An hour and a half later he found some mechanics who fixed his bike. After that he managed to run his PB IM marathon time! Well done Jonathan. Thanks Lauren for the recommendation.

High 5 Riding in Traffic
1. Do not give motorists any credit for having a brain!
2. When coming past/into intersections or roundabouts get eye contact with potential dangerous drivers.
3. Overtake cars on the inside with extreme caution.
4. Wear bright clothing. Even if it looks silly, you will be seen!
5. Don’t bunch ride in busy traffic, it’s to dangerous.

Currently many North American races are first in first served. Is there a better way that is fair it for everyone? Let us know what you think.
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Coach’s corner: how to shave your legs.

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