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Episode 62 Ironman Talk

Episode 62 Ironman Talk

This weeks news

Results for: IM Brazil, Triple T, Auburn Half, Victoria Half.
Up coming race: Hawaii 70.3, Austia 70.3, Switzerland 70.3, Bala & Weymouth Half.
It was Ficker on the cover!
Cycling and it’s drugs issues.
Tim Don aloud to race at the Olympics.
Feedback on Van Leid from Dave.
ITU on FOX in the USA.

Hot topic
With John having a kid real soon I thought that we could think of a name for his child. Give a name for both sexes. I like the sound of Bevan! 
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Age grouper of the week
Anders Christofferson sent us through this weeks ager grouper. I thought that I would put his email on here, here it is:
I thought I would write in a nomination for Age grouper of the week.  My nomination is my father, Randy Christofferson, and I think he deserves this for a few reasons.  First a little background on him.  He's been in triathlon for about 8 seasons and has done 8 half IM's and 3 full IMs.  He's always been very good and placed well in his age group, but never really thought about going for the win or Hawaii, etc.  This winter we talked about it and he fully committed himself to getting to Hawaii.  He bought a new bike, lost a lot of weight, and more importantly got hookedup with a coach for the first time.  The work he has put in since the beginning of this year in incredible, inspiring really. 

I'm nominating him because of his race this past weekend at the White Lake half-IM in North Carolina.  This race was an important one because it was a test of all the work he has put in and also because of his competition.  Four people in his age group (50-54) have done considerably better than him in the past.  More importantly, 1 person in his AG has qualified for Hawaii at Ironman Florida the past 3 years and my Dad will be racing him for a slot there this November. 

Needless to say he had an incredible race.  He finished in a time of 4:43:13, which was a PB by more than 15 minutes!  He swam 35:47, biked 2:25:13 and ran 1:38:01.  This race put him in 38th place overall out of 700+ finishers, not to shabby for a 50 year old!  Also, he won his age-group by more than 7 minutes!  This was his first AG win in long course racing and he easily took down his main competitor for the Hawaii slot at Florida.

Coach’s Corner
Em is back this week. She covers G I. These are the things we talked about:

-          How does it affect training/racing

-          When you finish sessions what types of things should you eat (relating it to GI)

-          If you bonk what types are food are best to eat (relating it to GI)

This weeks websites.
Triple T:
Auburn Half:
Victoria Half:
Hawaii 70.3
Photo of movie guy
Road Rash website
Cycling and it’s drugs issues.
Tim Don aloud to race at the Olympics.
Feedback on Van Leid from Dave.
ITU on FOX in the USA.

Questions and Answers.
We had a few questions. There’s the photos of Steve Hall.
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