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Episode 69 Ironman Talk Episode 69 Ironman Talk

This weeks news

    Results: IM Lake Placid, Vineman 70.3
    Prize money increase at Timerman.
    Races coming up: Kalmar tri,
eXtremalna Sobota.
   I’ve put INMZ 1990 on YouTube. It’s the closest IM finish ever. Get the link from ‘This Weeks Websites’ lower down on this page.

Ironman Talk competition!

\We had a great pair of Oakley transition sunglasses that Rolland sent through for us to review. We decided that we would have a competition to give them away. So here’s what you need to do: Create an ad for Ironman Talk, around 30secs to a couple mins long, put it on and then link to it on Athlinks. We’ll pick three finalist and then we can all have a vote for the winner. Entries close at the end of August. It’s time to create!
Topic of the week

If you were to start over again as an Ironman what are the products that you would save your money on. What things have been a waste of money? Plus which products were worth the money spent. Click here to add your comment.
Age grouper of the week

Jim ‘Jolly’ Rogers sent through this weeks age grouper. He’s a good man because he’s he sent through his girlfriend as this weeks age grouper. Denise ‘The Red Hammer’ Wood completed her first Ironman in Coeur d’Alene in a time of 12:52. That’s a great first race! Well done Denise, you are our age grouper of the week.
Jim also mentioned that a previous AFOTW winner, Mac Brown, manage a 13th overall in the same race.  
Website of the week

\Here’s a site that Skip Kreymborg sent through:
I started triathlons in 1986 and have raced ever since including a 1999 Hawaii Ironman finish... back in the day everything was neon and wild....there is a company here in the states that promotes clothing of all wild prints...
I have had a saddle cover for years..  mine was getting old and worn out... I asked the company if they made them..(was not able to find them anywhere)  they didn’t know what one was , so i mailed them mine. They used it as a prototype and mailed one back to me. I love it! I was asked to send in a pic and now I am on their website. Go to  click on products then on to bike seat cover. thanks for your support on this.

Paul Andreas, who is based in Kansas City, sent through this weeks club website. KC mutisport is a great place to catch up with your tri buddies in Kansas. Check out their random photos! Here’s the website:
Coach’s corner
This week I, being Bevan, take the coach’s cap and give tips for competing in Roth. There’s heaps of insight into what to look out for in this great race.
This weeks websites
IM Lake Placid, Vineman 70.3, Timberman prize money,  Kalmar tri, IMNZ 1990: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, training peaks, attack point.
websites of the week:,
Iron Rust, Ironmen Don’t, Train Hard, Train Smart:
Kia Kaha

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