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Episode 73 Ironman Talk

Episode 37

This weeks news
 Another 70.3 in South Africa
 Results: EnbrumMan, IMUK, Timberman,
Germany 70.3, 5430 Tri
IM Canada, IM Kentuky, Almere Tri, Extrememan, Austria.
 Class is back.
Ironman Talk competition!

We had a great pair of Oakley transition sunglasses that Rolland sent through for us to review. We decided that we would have a competition to give them away. So here’s what you need to do: Create an ad for Ironman Talk, around 30secs to a couple mins long, put it on and then link to it on Athlinks. We’ll pick three finalist and then we can all have a vote for the winner. Entries close at the end of August. It’s time to create!

Website of the week

Daniel Kasack sent through It shows a lot about Kenyan runners in a video blog. These guys are amazing!
Club website
Ian Marksbury sent through this weeks club website.
While there is a lot of great information for their
members he thought we would appreciate the picture
on the front page of one of there members. We did!       

This weeks discussion

Nick Mathers came up with this weeks discussion: "What are some ways, as a triathlete, to contribute more towards sustainablility." It could be environmental, social, financial, whatever.
If you want to add a comment click here: add comment then open the discussion.
Age grouper of the week
Matthew Cowdrey sent through this weeks age grouper: Brian Hennessey. He’s the info he gave me: Brian Hennessey. IM UK.
1st ever Ironman. Only started Triathlon this year. Comes from an Ultra-running background (Celtic Cup 50km winner 2006. 3x London to Brighton 55miler winner 2005)
41 Years old.
Swim 59:53
Bike 6:07
Run 2:58 (Ran 1:37 for the first half then realised he was going too slow so put in a 1:21 for the second half...!!!)

Finished in 10:10

6th in age group. 7ht fastest marathon of the day. Punctured 12 miles in on the bike and had trouble getting the tub off. Will be back some time soon to break the 10.

Coach’s Corner

We have Ali Dennis, a great running coach who made Striding On, on the show this week. Here’s what we covered:
1.    how long have you been working with triathletes?
2.    Have you seen many changes in the way athletes train specifically with their running over the years.
3.    Running drills
a.    Why should we do them and what are we trying to achieve
b.    Are they important for ironman athletes or just ‘fast’ runners
c.    How often should we do drills
d.    Should they be done all year round
4.    Running styles. There’s a big difference between sprinters, middle distance runners and ironmen. In your opinion ironman athletes try to “run? or shuffle economically.
5.    Technique. Are they any common flaws you see in ironman athletes
6.    For non coaches athletes how can they asses their technique
7.    Stiding On
a.    Is it suitable for ironman athletes
b.    What does it contain
c.    Where can you get it
Get his DVD here:

Question and Anwsers

We have a couple quick question that we cover. John tell us what creamed rice he likes!

This weeks websites

Race Results: Enbrum Man, IMUK, Germany 70.3, Timberman, 5430 tri, Coming up: IM Canada, IM Kentuky, Almere tri, Austria tri. Website of the week: Club website:,, britishtriathlon on youtube.
Email address for ITV show looking for athletes:
Iron Rust, Ironmen Don’t, Train Hard, Train Smart:
Kia Kaha
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