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Episode 74 Ironman Talk Episode 74 Ironman Talk

This weeks news
 Tri One O One canceled.
 Challenge Wanaka site back up.
 Results: IM Canada, IM Louisville, IM
Korea, Almere triathlon, Extreme Man. 
Coming up: The Big Woody, The Canadian, The AstroMan, Kenmare Half. Monaco & Sinapore 70.3

Website of the week

Please see this web site for a product that may be worth sharing with the listeners ( ).  I have not seen one of these products, but have received the info from our local Cycle Club.
It may be of interest as we all want to be safe.

This weeks discussion

With the amount of athletes trying to compete in an Ironman should the cut off time be reduced? If so, what time would be better?
If you want to add a comment click here: add comment then open the discussion.
Age grouper of the week
Ian Clarke sent us through this email. Well done Fiona for a great first race!
Keep up the good work guys, loving the podcasts!!!!

I would like to put forward Fiona Boxall for age grouper of the week. She raced Ironman Switzerland and finished 16th in the 35-39 age group in her first Ironman, 12hr44mins.  An amazing performance for her
first venture into the long races!!!!! Cheers Ian

High 5

Five random things John picked up from a  recent talk by by Ken Ravizza
1. It’s good to have crap days – you can learn a lot more from crap days than when you are “in the zone?.
2. Back Briefing (feedback) always ask yourself what you got out of a session/race
3. “Be big? on race day. Physical presence and how you carry yourself can help your state of mind and intimidate others (baseball example)
4. Only train when you are “ready? (gate example)
5. Focus on the process of engaging in the activity rather than the outcomes of your performance
Coach’s Corner

John has an interview with David Watt from Skins, a compression clothing company.
Here’s what they cover:
-    background of skins
-    the science of compression garments
o    use of skins for training v’s recovery
o    travel
-    what makes skins different to other compression garments
o    go through the range (not just tights)
-    where you can buy
-    any other upcoming product developments
Check out their website:

Question and Anwsers

We have a couple quick question that we cover.

This weeks websites

Race Results:, coming up: The Big Woody, The Canadian, The Astro Man, Tony Delogne article, Website of the week:,

Iron Rust, Ironmen Don’t, Train Hard, Train Smart:
Kia Kaha
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