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Episode 75 Ironman Talk - Bella Comerford Episode 75 Ironman Talk

This weeks news
 Hawaii finalist in worlds best event.
 Stringing camp in chch, contact John.  
 Ironmman Talk jerseys are for sell until
September the 9th. Email us to get one.  
Races: The Big Woody, The Canadian, The AstroMan, Kenmare Half. Monaco & Sinapore 70.3  
Coming up: IM Wisconsin, Cologne

Competition Entries
Here is the list of people who have entered the Ironman Talk Ad competition. Click on their names to see their ad. Thanks to those who entered!
Krsnendu dasa                                         Nick mathews
Chance Barber 1                                   Chance Barber 2
Mal James                                              Roland J Young
Gareth Scobie                                          Andy Payne

Product Review Center
Art of tri

What I like about art of tri
1.    Eco friendly
2.    Promotes the history of the sport
3.    Passionate triathlete running a small tri business.
           Tops look great and unique.

This weeks discussion

With the amount of athletes trying to compete in an Ironman should the cut off time be reduced? If so, what time would be better?
If you want to add a comment click here: add comment then open the discussion.

Interview with Bella Comerford


This weeks websites

Race Results: The Big Woody, The Canadian, Kenmare, Monaco and Singapore 70.3. Coming up:  IM Wisconsin, Cologne 226, Website of the week:

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