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This weeks news
IM Talk Camp, email us to find out more!
USA triathlon has 100,000 members.
Results: IM Wisconsin, Cologne 226, The
Big man, Iron Desert tri    
Jerseys are ordered.
Coming up: The Grand Columbian, Great Illini Tri, Espirit Tri

Website of the Week

This weeks website is        
This is another great club website. Thanks to Greg Keers for sending it through! Plus we want to say hi to Lee Jackson and Coach Lee, they love the show.
This weeks discussion

It’s you chance to share one key thing in the build up to your first Ironman that might help others. Pay it forward.
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Age grouper of the week

Jack Lynch sent through this weeks age grouper. Check out his email:
I've a nomination for AG of the week from the Kenmare Half.  His name is Liam Dolan, a 26yr old from the Setanta triathlon club in Dundalk.  There's a great bunch of lads up there who all listen to the show and I know Liam is a big fan as he's always slagging me about getting mentioned.
He has only been in triathlon 2 years but has already gained a bit of a reputation for his awesome bike splits.  Indeed I missed a trick in not nominating him earlier this year when he finished 10th at Half IM UK where he was the first non-pro finisher.  He finished 4th in Kenmare despite cracking the headset area of his frame after hitting a pothole and noticing that the steering was "a little bit funny".  His real strength though is being able to control himself on the bike so that he can run really well off it - he had the fastest run in Kenmare with a 1:18 on a really hilly course, managing to outrun (just) some guys who can run 31min 10k oly splits (versus his normal 36-37min runs).
On the downside  - he has been known to remark that Ironman is for "30 somethings who are going through a mid life crisis" - though I know he secretly wants to do one soon
So that's my case for Liam!
Please keep up the great work with the show!
This weeks discussion

With the amount of athletes trying to compete in an Ironman should the cut off time be reduced? If so, what time would be better?
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Coach’s Corner

Interview with David Bowden from Genius Bikes. He covers if it’s better to buy a tri or a road bike. This is a question that we get often so enjoy. Check out the Genius website for some great bikes:

This weeks websites

Race Results: IM Wisconsin, Cologne 226, Website of the week:

Iron Rust, Ironmen Don’t, Train Hard, Train Smart:
Kia Kaha
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