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Episode 79 Ironman Talk - Simon Lessing Episode 79 Ironman Talk

This weeks news
Results: Elbaman, Lake Barkley Full
Odyssey off road, Chesapeakman
Coming up: Lomboktri
Entry process NA sports events changes.    
Interview with Simon Lessing
Bevan did his P’s and managed to hook up an interview one of the best triathletes ever Simon Lessing. We covered so much info, check out the show to hear this wicked interview, thanks Simon. Check out his great website:
This weeks discussion

Which is more prestigious a ITU long distance Champs medal or a 70.3 champs metal?
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Age grouper of the week

Jim Hurrell from Stirling Virginia is this weeks age grouper.
Had a shoulder injury leading into the race and issues with cramp from previous IM’s.  In 3rd IM of the season he did a PB on the slow Wisconsin Course.
“I’ve finally learned that I need to slow down to get faster?.

Well done Jim, you are our age grouper of the week!
Website of the week
Yogamazing is the website I mentioned in last weeks show. It’s a free weekly 20-35min video podcast. It’s great because it’s achievable without being to time consuming. Check out their website, there’s a link to itune to subscribe.

Glenn sent through this weeks club website:
It’s great to see the sport is taking off all round the world. We’re sure Glenn is making the most of the club.
Questions and Answers

    A chance to win from Chance!
    Ironman Stories.
This weeks websites

Race Results: Lake Barkley Full, Odussey, Espirit, Chesapeakman, ElbaMan. Coming up: Lomboktri. NA sports entry,

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