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Episode 86 Ironman Talk Episode 86 Ironman Talk

This weeks news
 Results: Decaman.
 Ironman Arizona moving to November.
 Macca to auction his bike for scholarship.   
This weeks discussion

Should there be some open pro slots for Kona so we get the best of the best at the race (ie some top short course athletes) and if so how should they be allocated.
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Website of the week

Ed Hawkins sent through this weeks website:
This amazing woman is running around the world. Check out her website, she’s unbelievable! Thanks Ed

Age grouper of the week
1st Athlinks registered athlete at Kona
Ed McDevit

High 5
Presented by High 5 sports nutrition

5 nutrition tips to introduce high 5 to the show
gels in bottle + mark bottle
drink water only for w while if stomach gets upset
Coke on the run
Cut bars up (unwrap)
be self sufficient / don’t rely on special needs
Coach’s Corner

Chance sent through this question to John. How are some ways to gauge whether you are at the appropriate non-draft distance? 7 or 10 meters etc.?
How can I know I am not being a "cheater?"

Know the rules
Set your bike on indoor trainer and put another bike 7m in front so you can “see? the difference.
In NZ some race officials use the white lines in the middle of the road as reference points. Front of one white line to front of next is 7m.
When racing if you hear a draft marshal coming drop back a little and when they pull up next to you ask if the distance is Ok. They then know you are making an effort.
The reality is at big races there will be a lot of drafting and it comes down to a personal choice.
This weeks websites,,, Decaman results, Triathlon Juice, Macca’s bike, Lottery is open.
Iron Rusts, Ironmen Don’t, Train Hard, Train Smart:
Kia Kaha

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