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This weeks news
 Results: Rotorua half.
 We’re on xtri
 Romeo and Juliet update!

Camp Kia Kaha
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This Weeks Discussion

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What are the best performances, Ironman that is, this year. Plus which two interviews from this year do you want us to replay of the Christmas/New Year period.

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High 5

Christmas ideas under $100
I-Pod shuffle so you can listen to us
Triathlete Mag subscription – best mag in the world
Swim cords (with paddles)
Blue Seventy swim socks
Sun stick (that doesn’t melt), more for kiwi’s and Aussies

Age Grouper of the Week

James Tran send through this weeks age grouper, here’s his email:
I have a nominee for age grouper of the week. Neal Oseland is a married 38 year old, father of 2 young girls. Earlier this season, he trained for IM Coeur d'Alene in hopes of qualifying for Kona and raced a 10:31 to miss a slot by 13+ minutes. He was very dissapointed but kept plugging away. He entered a half in September claiming to be burnt out and wanting the season to be over with. At this half, he won a raffle entry into the Silverman Full Distance. That fired him up but the problem is that it was only 6 weeks away. He had already told his family that he was just about ready for his offseason. Well, after some discussions with his wife and kids, they jumped on board and pushed him to do it. He used his IMCDA base and trained hard for 4 weeks then tapered for 2. He told me the day before the race..."I'm going to take it easy during the swim and the bike and shoot for a top 10 run time" Well, he didn't get that top 10 run time but he did get a top 10 OVERALL time!! He says he went super easy on the swim (96 overall split) and pretty easy on the bike (5th overall split) and finished with the 14th run split. There was 10,000 feet of climbing on the bike which he said was not too bad as he lives in Colorado so he's used to those long climbs. The run is what was so hard for him. He said it's the hardest marathon he's ever done even outside of triathlon which is saying something. It was either straight up or down. He looked forward to the ups because the downs were hurting so bad on his quads. He got himself into 1st in his age group after the bike and never let it go. To show how strong he was, he had to sprint the last 200m of the finish as someone was chasing him down at the finish. He beat him though. To use his words "That course was just wrong". in reference to the extreme difficulty of the climbs and the strong winds.
Website of the Week
Here’s an old Armstrong interview, very interesting. youtube
Coach’s Corner


This Weeks Websites
 Armstrong: youtube,, xtri home town, Rotorua Half results.
Iron Rusts, Ironmen Don’t, Train Hard, Train Smart:
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