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Episode 122 Ironman Talk This weeks news New IM Race, IM Cozumel. We talk about the Olympics. First Ironman Talk Wedding! A Great Tan! This Weeks Discussion Brought to you by, get the latest cool gear and use the discount code IMT78. We need your help! This weeks discussion is: What are some discussions we can do in the future. The best one wins a Art of Tri top! If you want to add a comment click here: add comment then open the discussion. Age Grouper of the Week Towel sent through this weeks age grouper, John Bryant. Here’s his email.Last year i set up the ATG- Austria Training Group for the rugby triathlon club that were doing IM Austria, there were 8 athletes but also a few hangers on for various sessions. In short, the plan was one extreme session per month run by myself, to try and build a team spirit, help people through long runs and rides and keep everyone motivated to stay fit through the winter. Sessions such as 20 mile runs, 50/10 bricks, double 100s and half IM simulations were well attended. I even ran camp HTFU in the Alps in May for 4 of the members where i planned out a 40 hour training week at Lake Annecy. My agegrouper of the week, is John Bryant, who attended every single session, came on the Alps camp and did everything humanly possible to train for his first IM. He was in great spirits throughout the training, took every bit of advice i gave him and got round the Austria course in 13.40.43 - Swim: 1.23 Bike 6.30 Run 5.22 He was not happy with his time, and has now entered Challenge Roth. I nominate him for his 12 month commitment to training and trying to do everything right. High 5 Tom Clements sent through a High 5 on looking after your eyes. We may have done this in the past, fingers crossed that we haven’t! Website of the Week This week we have a couple websites that are trying to put on running events that organised running events all around the world on one day. Check them out: and This Weeks Websites Brett Sutton interview,, supplements with drugs in them, age grouper photo, and, Iron Rusts, Ironmen Don’t, Train Hard, Train Smart: Kia Kaha
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