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News: Gwen J is pregnant; Vote for the Brownlees at the Laureus by clicking here;  Coming up races; Trirating's top ten athletes from 2016

This Weeks Discussion: John has started our own IMTalk Strava page, which you can go to here, and we have come up with our 'Wanger of the Week' award idea (listen to the show to understand). We want you guys to come up with some challenges for our Strava group so this week share some challenges that you like. Comment here


Interview: Joe Friel is back on the show to talk about his update version of The Triathlete's Training Bible. Joe share some amazing wisdom about how to get the most out of your training. Click here to get the bookClick here for Joe's website

Age Groups of the Week: This week we look at the results from the All World Athletes from 2016.

Statstastic: We look at Gwen Jorgensen results in ITU racing. 

Coaches Corner: We look at a study that compares the different in effort between indoor trainer sessions on the bike and riding outside. 

Website of the Week: Peter Coulsen sent through this YouTube List that has lots of cycling documentaries.  

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