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News: Results from Challenge Taiwan; St George 70.3 and Ironman Australia are coming up; Speeds at Ironman Texas; A death in the swim at Ironman Texas. 

This Weeks Discussion: Where do you feel the future of long course triathlon is? John was inspired to have this discussion because races like this one are going so well, click here to check it out. Comment here

Statstastic: This week we look at the last time one nation had the top three at the World Championships. 

Interview: Gillian Aspin comes on the show to talk about a study that she is doing around mental health in triathletes. She currently has a survey that she would love for you to fill out, Sports Psychology research into beliefs character traits and anxiety and depression. It will take 15mins to do and it is completely anonymous.

Workout of the Week: John talk about this run


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