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With the boys being away we have an interview packed show for you this week. 

Interview: Melissa Urie has recently completed Epic 5. We get her on the show to talk about the event and all of the other crazy training she has been doing. You can check out what Melissa is doing by going to

Interview: In 2009 Aaron Galley had an accident where he lost in arm. For a lot of people this would put them off from doing Triathlon but not for Aaron. In 2015 he started his triathlon journey and since then he has achieved some amazing things. This week we talk to him about his journey, how he has to change his training due to his arm, and his plans for the future. 

Interview: Today we have one of our Legends interviews with one of the most successful female triathletes of all time, Erin Baker. In her professional career she raced in 121 races of which she won 104! She also won world Championships across all the different distances in the sport. She was often an outspoken person in the sport who had a huge influence on issues like equal prize money for both Female and Male athletes. A true legend of triathlon. 

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