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News: Matt Russell is doing well after his crash at Kona; Both Ryf and Gomez are going for the million dollar prize with the Triple Crown; Results from The Great Floridian; Top earners in the year so far, we talk about wetsuit cheaters at Kona.

This Weeks Discussion: This Weeks Discussion: This week we want to know how should cheats be dealt with in the sport of triathlon? Also what do they need to do to be forgiven? Comment here

Interview: This week we have an interview with former pro athlete Dirk Bockel. He talks to us about racing Kona as a pro and this years race. He also talks about his new book The Art of Triathlon Training, which you can get by clicking here

Website of the Week: This week we have two websites. One is the movie 100 Meters. The other one is Breaking 2, the documentary about Nike's attempt to break 2 hours for a marathon. 

Age Grouper of the Week: We look at all of the female age group winners at Kona. 

My First Tri: Brett Ryan sent through his first tri, it's a funny story. 

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