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Sorry no show notes this week, go to to see them. Kia Kaha Bevan
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Episode 82 Ironman Talk

This weeks news
 Kona results. Plus other results.  
 Greg Bennett nabs around $400K!
This weeks discussion

There’s been a bit of talk about Chrissie Wellington’s conduct during Kona, was her behavior bad of good for the sport of Ironman?
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Photos from the show
Website of the week/Product review centre

Alvin Connor Natural Balance, handmade body care products were designed using naturally occurring crystalline deposits.
The range has been created to keep you fresh from tip to toe.

I have been using these products for about 11 years now and I swear by them. I was a customer before I got into manufacturing them. As you know I do Triathlon and Ironman and I never have a problem with BO even after my longest rides and runs!!!! What's more none of my cloths have deodorant marks on them. I spend alot of money on Race and Tri specific clothing and I want them to last as long as possible.

The range works by preventing the build up of odour causing bacteria. Body and foot odour is a result of perspiration / sweat coming into contact with bacteria on your skin. By eliminating this bacteria or preventing this bacteria from forming you eliminate body odour. Simple! Here’s the website:
Age grouper of the week

Rob Chance is this weeks Age Grouper of the week. Check out his race profile on athlinks: click here.
It was a good day. I had almost reached the “pie in the sky?. I can’t complain with being 8th in my age group in the world, especially when I work a full time job, have three small kids at home, and a wife that does Ironmans too.
Check out his race report on his blog:

Coach’s Corner
John covers reverse periodisation.
This weeks websites

The Great Floridian, Ibiza Long Distance, Greg Bennett $400k,,

Iron Rusts, Ironmen Don’t, Train Hard, Train Smart:
Kia Kaha
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Episode 81 Ironman Talk

This weeks news
 Kona, who did it?  
 Coming up: the Great Floridian, Ibiza long
This weeks discussion

It’s the big week in Ironman. We talked about our picks on the show now it’s your time to have your say. So who are going to be your top 5 in both the Male and Female field.
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Website of the week

True-Motion sportswear was founded by a group of four passionate triathletes whose vision was to create casual sportswear that people feel good about wearing. We offer cool styles and comfortable fabrics to embrace the active lifestyle. There are numerous offerings of technical apparel available to today’s athlete, but what do you wear when you are done training and racing? That is how True-Motion was born. We want to be the after race, after training, or just hanging out on a Saturday afternoon brand of choice. So whether you are a fierce competitor, a promising novice, or simply a passionate spectator, off the field/court/roads you’ll look like all three. Be True.
Go to and put in IMTALK07 when you check out for a 15% discount!
Age grouper of the week
Coach Gavin Rogers sent through this weeks age grouper Mark Whittaker. Here’s what Gavin said about Mark: He watched his brother do ironman germany and decided then that he wanted to do an ironman next year.
But his brother posted such a good time at germany for his first ironman that he though he would have a crack at ironman korea to try and qualify for kona ,mark could not go and watch this time and decided with 4 weeks to go that he would enter also.
He asked me if this was possible.
I said as he had just done half ironman UK,very hilly and one of the toughest out there and completed it in just over 6hrs that it was possible but not to expect a great time but just to get round.
So what i did was give him enough information as i could about the nutrition he would need in the race and target hr zones he needed to stick to and added 1 or 2  long bikes and runs leading up to the race,nothing to heavy as the race was so near.
Of he went to ironman korea.
The rest is in his race report well worth the read but in summary:-he crashed his bike at the first feed station still managed to complete the bike course with a broken bike in 7hrs got to 19miles on the run and collapsed,found himself in an ambulance at the finish,got out caught a taxi back to 19mile point and walked to the finish.
High 5
Glenn sent through:  "Minimising the disruption to training of moving countries/cities"
1. Take as much tri-gear as you can pack as the sports shops at your destination may not stock tri-gear, or alternatively check whether your favourite online store (tri-buys) delivers to your new home.
2. Get online and find the nearest tri-club. If you can't find a tri-club then look at similar organisations such as running clubs, cycling groups etc, as there will always be 'closet' triathletes as members.
3. Be prepared to change your diet. Your favourite foods/supplements may not be available. Use the change as an opportunity to re-evaluate your day-to-day and training diet.
4. Beware of climatic changes. Heat, humidity, altitude, pollen, smog, the list goes on. Be prepared to change where and when you train. Again use this change as an opportunity to adapt and refresh your training program.
5. Use the opportunity to race as many local events as you can, within reason, as you never know when you may move on again.
6. You may not have any training partners for a start, but you are never alone, especially if you have ironmantalk on your ipod!
Coach’s Corner
John went and had an interview with Dr Nat Anglem who is one of New Zealands top sports doctors. John covered areas that count to you guys and girls!
This weeks websites

The Great Floridian, Ibiza Long Distance, Elbaman,,

Iron Rust, Ironmen Don’t, Train Hard, Train Smart:
Kia Kaha
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Episode 80 Ironman Talk - Kona Super Special

This weeks news
 New drafting rule in Kona
 Looking back on last year
 Bevan and John’s picks
 Male casting for Triathletes   
 Macca to race Silverman
 New Event by Set up Events
 Gemmell won world cup
 Kentucky swim start
This weeks discussion

It’s the big week in Ironman. We talked about our picks on the show now it’s your time to have your say. So who are going to be your top 5 in both the Male and Female field.
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Website of the week

This weeks website is They really get things right during the world championship week. Make an effort to watch it on race day.  
Age grouper of the week

PIOTR KURYLO, our Forrest Gump!

He ran from Augustow to Athens.... And it took him about 6 weeks to go there. And it is not less than 2450km... He took a couple of days rest and participated in the Spartathlon 2007 race at a distance of 245km... Completed 2nd at 24h29min....
He started his trip to Greece with only 600 EUR for the whole "race". Due to some turistic targets he made aprox. 3500km going to Athens. Having so small amount of money he had to eat only bread and milk... All his luggage was with him on a trolley he was pulling all the way there. After reaching Greece he went to the mountains for a 10 days altitude training.... Just shortly before the race went down to the competition place, entering the hotel with long bead and hair. Not clean at all. But as he said my apparence just confused competitors and I smashed them physically...
As you know he was the second beating his PB by 7hours!!!! After the race when he heard that current winner (2 times) is willing to make it 3rd time, he said: I am afraid it will be difficult for him...
When you are here next time I will show you some photos and there will be probably a chance to have a run with him.
Oh, I forgot about his plan for the rest of the season:
- 100km in Egypt
- Race from Augustow to Brussels (1200km)...
Jacek Nowakowski
Product Review Centre

We quickly reviewed the Art of Tri hoodie. It’s very cool plus it fits well.
Go to to check out more of their gear.

Coach’s Corner

To Fuel belt or not fuel belt – sent in my Matthew
-    use your product
-    don’t have to fight crowds at aid stations
-    don’t have to open gel packets
-    don’t have to worry about special needs
-    weight!!!!
-    Need to add extra gels as yu can’t get all of it out of bottle
This weeks websites

New drafting rule, Looking back over the years, Kona Start list, Male modeling for trimag, Macca to race Silverman, New Iron distance race,,, Old Skool ‘Ironman’ race in New Zealand, Mullet Man race.

Iron Rust, Ironmen Don’t, Train Hard, Train Smart:
Kia Kaha
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Episode 79 Ironman Talk

This weeks news
Results: Elbaman, Lake Barkley Full
Odyssey off road, Chesapeakman
Coming up: Lomboktri
Entry process NA sports events changes.    
Interview with Simon Lessing
Bevan did his P’s and managed to hook up an interview one of the best triathletes ever Simon Lessing. We covered so much info, check out the show to hear this wicked interview, thanks Simon. Check out his great website:
This weeks discussion

Which is more prestigious a ITU long distance Champs medal or a 70.3 champs metal?
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Age grouper of the week

Jim Hurrell from Stirling Virginia is this weeks age grouper.
Had a shoulder injury leading into the race and issues with cramp from previous IM’s.  In 3rd IM of the season he did a PB on the slow Wisconsin Course.
“I’ve finally learned that I need to slow down to get faster?.

Well done Jim, you are our age grouper of the week!
Website of the week
Yogamazing is the website I mentioned in last weeks show. It’s a free weekly 20-35min video podcast. It’s great because it’s achievable without being to time consuming. Check out their website, there’s a link to itune to subscribe.

Glenn sent through this weeks club website:
It’s great to see the sport is taking off all round the world. We’re sure Glenn is making the most of the club.
Questions and Answers

    A chance to win from Chance!
    Ironman Stories.
This weeks websites

Race Results: Lake Barkley Full, Odussey, Espirit, Chesapeakman, ElbaMan. Coming up: Lomboktri. NA sports entry,

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