Your weekly fix in all things Ironman!

This week we have interviews from Challenge Wanaka.

We also have News, Discussion of the Week, 2min Research, and Q&A's. 

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This week John has a big rant about the changes made to Ironman New Zealand. 

We also have News, Discussion of the Week, Pro of the Week, and Q&A's. 

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This week we have Thorsten Radde and Charles Adamo (the Chairman of the PTO) to talk about The Collins Cup and what is happening with the PTO. You can find out more about the PTO here.


We also have Caroline Steffen on the show again. She shares how she’s managing her mum/athlete life, what she’s learning in the later part of her career and what is happening this year. You can follow Caroline on Instagram.

The boys are away this week so we have a quick news section and then we have interviews with Pro Kennett Peterson and Adelaide Perr. You can follow Kennett here

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This week we have an interview with Pro Athlete Lisa Roberts. 

We also have News, Discussion of the Week, John's Race Report and Questions and Answers.

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This week we have News, Discussion of the Week, High 5, Website of the Week and Q&A's. 

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In the second of our holiday season shows we have an interview with Alan Levinovitz. Alan is the author of The Gluten Lie. You can get his book here.

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