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Episode 103 Ironman Talk

This Weeks News
 California 70.3 results.
 IM Australia’s this weekend.
 Non WTC races selling out.
Camp Kia Kaha
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This Weeks Discussion

We had our question about ‘Charlie’ and how his/her partner could encourage him/her to put his/her feet up and rest?
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Age Grouper of the Week
Thomas Peoples sent through this weeks age grouper, here his email:

He's somebody who's been mentioned on the show previously, but unfortunately, heblanked you at Wanaka! Yes, that's right it's T-Rex of Tri, otherwise known as the 28 year old Andrew Kerr.
He performed at Challenge Wanaka with an 11:52, but then he backed it up big time with a 10:46 at IMNZ! A PB of 1 hour 10 minutes, talk about smashing it! On top of all that, he's also marshalling the IMNZ Champs this coming weekend. Before IMNZ 2007 he, unlike many people prepared for his first Ironman by entering an Iron distance race in the UK. Well done, Andy.

High 5
1. Not one single Hawaii spot in any category rolled down.
2. From 932 starters, 899 finished, which is the highest percentage of finishers since this race started in 2004.
3. 12 age-group course records fell on the day. It was definitely a fast year.
4. The women’s course record fell by ten minutes.
5. The youngest competitor Sarah Gibson finished in 15:01:17.
6. The 70-74 year division attracted five competitors!
7. For 364 triathletes, it was to be their first Ironman.

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Website of the Week
Thomas put thought this weeks website, here’s his email: Website of the week, following on from T-Rex's idea is the website. It's all about self-supported iron distance racing. Getting you and a bunch of mates together to race the distance, have a great day in the process and just get really involved with all the logistics of planning your own Ironman. Where's your bike going to be secured for the marathon? Lake or pool swim? Here’s a discussion on TriTalk:
This Weeks Website
 Ironman OZ, Non wtc race sells out, WTC ebay auction,, Store Page,, John Lockwoods fund raiser, our wiki page!

Iron Rusts, Ironmen Don’t, Train Hard, Train Smart:
Kia Kaha
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This week we have multi sport legend and new Ironman athlete Richard Usser.

Kia Kaha

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Episode 101 Ironman Talk

Go to the website for this weeks notes.

Kia Kaha

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Episode 100 Ironman Talk

This weeks news
 The first 100 shows!!!
 Ironman NZ results.
Camp Kia Kaha
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This Weeks Discussion

We've reached the 100th episode and we're amazed how big the community has gotten. But because we want to make it a bigger! So what do you think we can do to grow the community?
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Age Grouper of the Week

Peter Tinholt sent through this weeks amazing story about Tony Jackson: We were at the finish line till the end.  Here we heard about Tony Jackson.  Tony is one of two people to have competed in all 24 Ironman NZ races.  This year was extra special though.  We heard that Tony was diagnosed with Brain Cancer in December and was operated on.  He was given 13 weeks!  To this apparently he responded that is not enough time.  On Thursday he had chemo and on Saturday he completed his 24th Ironman NZ, with his wife by his side who also did the event.  Tony competed the Ironman in 16.10 in the 60-65 Age Group.
Last night at the prize giving Tony was presented with an award in the memory of an Ironman athlete who died 10 years ago while preparing for Ironman as the person who most embodied the spirit of Ironman.  Tony received a standing ovation.
This guy was so inspiring and courageous that in my mind no one deserves to be age grouper of the week more than Tony.
I'll be back next year!  I hope Tony will also be there to make it 25 straight.

High 5
Hywel Davies, you try say it, sent through this weeks High 5: Ironman Training Mojo. He gives some great insight into ways to keep motivated in our tough sport.

Website of the Week

Ex-British rower James Cracknell completed a challenge to row the English Channel (the bit of sea just over 20 miles wide between England and France), cycle from the French coast to Spain and down to Gibraltor and then swim the 12 or so miles across to Africa. Check out his website and feel free to donate. Here’s the website:

Coach’s Corner

We both go over our training programs for the next period leading into Roth. Hopefully it will give you some insight into what we do.
This Weeks Websites

Ironman NZ movie on youtube, Frederik Van Lierde’s website,,  US pro card, Aus pro card. Ironman Talk ring tone.

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Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:00 AM We have the 2008 Coast to Coast winner Em on the show again. She covers her amazing race plus gives some more great tips on nutrition. Kia kaha
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