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News: What happened at the ITU championships; Results from IM Walse; Coming up races; WTC announces IM Hamburg; Kona News. 

This Weeks Discussion: For those of you who have raced Kona, what surprised you about the course that you wished you knew beforehand? Also do you feel this race is harder than any other and if you feel it is, why is that the case? Comment here. 


Website of the Week: Richard Swan asked the question about percentage time difference between the fastest IM ride time in comparison to the worlds fastest cyclists. We got received of good answers on this one. Scott Watkins also wrote a great piece about this topic on his website:

John's Science Corner: We continue to look at cramping studies. 

Interview: We have Rob Wilby from back on the show to talk about reverse periodisation. Here's the link to the webinars that Rob mentioned in his interview.

This Weeks Websites: TriRatings Kona Report

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