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Episode 87 Ironman Talk - Gina Ferguson Episode 87 Ironman Talk This weeks news Coming up: IMWA. Kiwi triathlete carries Olympic torch. Interview with Gina  We got this from Gina’s website. She’s obviously doing some big things! Gina came from a swimming background, competing competitively to NZ national level until she was 17. After a 7 year break from all sports Gina took up triathlon as a way to get fit at the beginning of 2005. She took to the sport immediately and after her first few wins decided to take the sport more seriously, and began a structured training programme. Gina also left her job as a high school maths teacher to continue working part time as a violinist for the Christchurch Symphony, leaving more time and energy for training. Since then Gina has enjoyed numerous wins at home in NZ and in March 2007 competed in her first ironman (Ironman NZ) and finished in 5th place. Gina has decided that the ironman distance races are where she will focus her energy. 2007 will be Gina’s first pro year and she is looking forward to gaining experience at international level.Here’s the questions This Weeks Discussion Should you be able to take your kid/family down the finishing chute at an Ironman race? Plus come up with a name for our Training Camp If you want to add a comment click here: add comment then open the discussion. Website of the Week Matt Johnson sent through this great youtube clip of the Drafting at IM Florida: Click here. What’s happening to our sport? Age Grouper of the Week Bree Wee was the first age grouper to finish in Kona. She had an amazing race doing 56:35 in the swim, 5:21:41 in the bike and then run 3:24:15 for a finish time of 9:47:42. While that was an amazing time she managed to get 13th over all! The other reason we choose her as our age grouper was because she has a profile on Athlinks, she must listen to the show. Questions and Answers Jules sent through this question: I have a question regarding tyre pressures.  I have a set of tubular race wheels and the max psi shown on the tubulars that I am currently using is 140 psi.  Does this mean that I should inflate to 140 psi? Is it advisable to do so?  Recently I have been inflating below this level (say 120 psi) and had no problems but in I have had two punctures (one in a race) when I inflated to 140 psi.  Do I stand more of a chance getting a puncture when inflating he tubulars to their maximum psi?  Finally, all of my races are in humid/hot conditions (e.g. Phuket coming up) which I presume results in the tyre pressure increasing whilst the bike is in transition so I should allow for this? This Weeks Websites IMWA, Kiwi torch guy, Communities complaining about tri’s, You tube clip,, Bree Wee on athlinks. Iron Rusts, Ironmen Don’t, Train Hard, Train Smart: Kia Kaha
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Episode 86 Ironman Talk Episode 86 Ironman Talk

This weeks news
 Results: Decaman.
 Ironman Arizona moving to November.
 Macca to auction his bike for scholarship.   
This weeks discussion

Should there be some open pro slots for Kona so we get the best of the best at the race (ie some top short course athletes) and if so how should they be allocated.
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Website of the week

Ed Hawkins sent through this weeks website:
This amazing woman is running around the world. Check out her website, she’s unbelievable! Thanks Ed

Age grouper of the week
1st Athlinks registered athlete at Kona
Ed McDevit

High 5
Presented by High 5 sports nutrition

5 nutrition tips to introduce high 5 to the show
gels in bottle + mark bottle
drink water only for w while if stomach gets upset
Coke on the run
Cut bars up (unwrap)
be self sufficient / don’t rely on special needs
Coach’s Corner

Chance sent through this question to John. How are some ways to gauge whether you are at the appropriate non-draft distance? 7 or 10 meters etc.?
How can I know I am not being a "cheater?"

Know the rules
Set your bike on indoor trainer and put another bike 7m in front so you can “see? the difference.
In NZ some race officials use the white lines in the middle of the road as reference points. Front of one white line to front of next is 7m.
When racing if you hear a draft marshal coming drop back a little and when they pull up next to you ask if the distance is Ok. They then know you are making an effort.
The reality is at big races there will be a lot of drafting and it comes down to a personal choice.
This weeks websites,,, Decaman results, Triathlon Juice, Macca’s bike, Lottery is open.
Iron Rusts, Ironmen Don’t, Train Hard, Train Smart:
Kia Kaha

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Episode 85 Ironman Talk -Chrissie Wellington Go for this weeks show notes. Kia Kaha
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Episode 84 Ironman Talk Episode 84 Ironman Talk

This weeks news
 Results: Ironman Florida.
 Silverman changes.
 Badman has operation.
This weeks discussion

Why do you do this crazy sport called Ironman? We’re going deep and we want honesty. Maybe your mum didn’t cuddle you enough ;-)
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Website of the week

Great youtube clip from Peter Coulson: Click here.

Age grouper of the week
His name is Tommy Nielsen and he is an outstanding age grouper. I'll mention his results in a minute but first you need some background information on him:
He's 34 years old and lives with his girlfriend. They have 3 children.
He balances everyday life with the kids, coaches several athletes and put on Denmark's second largest triathlon He holds a full time job but still finds time to train for Ironman. This is his passion and despite a low training volume he competes at a high level. Leading up to Kona he averaged a about 15 hours a week for 6 consecutive weeks. However, on average over a whole year he normally trains about 10 hours a week. (I don't know how much he trained this year, though) Seen in that light I think his results are incredible.
This year he raced in Roth and had a PB in 8.33 and 12th overall. 7 weeks later he did Ironman UK where he was first age grouper and 8th overall in 8.56. He was over 30 minutes faster than the second fastest in his age group. He qualified for Hawaii where he again went on to win his age group only 7 weeks after Ironman UK. His time in Kona was 9.05.
He always wanted to win in Kona. That was what kept him returning to Kona 8 times. He kept believing he could win in Kona if only he kept training consistently and return to Kona. His weakest discipline has always been the run and after the bike in Kona he was only 6th in his age group. However, with his best ever run in Kona, a 3.05 marathon, he went on to win 6 minutes ahead of number 2. A truly remarkable performance, especially because he had an entrapped nerve in his behind which prevented his performance on the bike. It just shows that anything is possible if you keep believing. A big inspiration and that's why I think Tommy Nielsen should be age grouper of the week.
His web page is

High 5
Correct bogeying technique
Turn your head so as not to get yourself
One finger presses down on non bogeying nostril (double barrel technique is not a good look)
If in a bunch be mindful of others around you (do you bogeying at the back)
If in a race situation don’t look behind you. If you hit someone with a greenie they are too close
Tidy yourself up before hitting T2 or the finish
Coach’s Corner

Post race (hard workout) recovery tips
Warm down after racing (some easy running for up to 10mins then easy cycling 10-30mins)
Hydrate and eat well as soon as possible
Once warmed down and fuelled up stand in lake/river/sea or cold bath
Put skins or compression tights on if you have any (I sell skins if you want any)
Legs up the wall for 10-15mins
Continue to eat and hydrate well. Avoid alcohol until well after the race (ideally all day)

This weeks websites

IM Florida, silverman, Macca racing at silverman, Badman has operation, Stadler does Marathon, you tube,,
Iron Rusts, Ironmen Don’t, Train Hard, Train Smart:
Kia Kaha
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