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Episode 38 Ironman Talk Episode 38 Ironman Talk

In this weeks show:

This weekend’s race results, plus what’s up next week.
Google Searches for Triathlon.
New Race Series announced in the US.
Order 2006 Kona DVD online!

Age Grouper of the week
Anthony Seepie, an old school teach of Bevans, is the Age Grouper this week. He competed in the National Triathlon Series while battling  leukemia and prostate cancer at the age of 74! Well done Mr Seepie! Check out this news piece.

Website of the Week
After all the Mully talk lately Ed Roski put up on the blog this week. Check it out!

EM’s Back!

We are lucky to have Emily Miazga on the show again.
This time around she’s covering what to do with your nutrition during race week. Plus things to look out for gluten free, vegetarian and vegan athletes.
Check out Em’s website here:

Well done Frank and Enos
We ended up combining their suggestions to create our new outro:
Iron Rusts, Ironmen don’t! Train Hard, Train Smart, Kia Kaha!

Questions and Anwsers
There are a good range of questions in this weeks show. We cover big week training, non wetsuit race rules, the gain in drafting and some questions Em covered.

This week’s websites
    Website of the week:  
    Other sites: Google searches, New races,
    Order IM Kona 2006 DVD.
    Where to get the older shows if you don’t
    have itunes:
    When you are there click on the grey word
    ‘Pod’ next to each shows episode.

Iron Rusts, Ironmen don’t! Train Hard, Train Smart, Kia Kaha!
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Episode 37 Ironman Talk Episode 37 Ironman Talk

In this weeks show.


Age grouper of the week.

Website of the week: 
An interview with the people from Pro 4. They are also putting on Challenge Wanaka.

Coach's corner about how to be a coach.

Questions and Answers

Train well

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Episode 36 Ironman Talk Episode 36 Ironman Talk

Go to to get this weeks show notes. It's late and I haven't got enough time to put them on here.

See ya

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