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Episode 26 Ironman Talk Ironmantalk Episode 26 - Sep 27th, 2006
In this week’s episode:

In this weeks show:
This weekend's race results, plus what's up next week.
Xtri picks it’s top 5 for males and females in Kona
Cheap bike for Kona qualifiers!
New sponsor for 70.3 champs
IMNZ changes the way you choose if you want your Kona slot.

An amazing interview with Emily Miazga:
Here some of her history:
    *  Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and    
    * Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition
     and Food Management
    * Elite endurance athlete in multisport
    * Member of the American and New
    Zealand Dietetic Associations

Emily created and developed EM'S POWER COOKIES® sports cookies
and Nutrition Fit Consultants in 2004. She started the cookie business with the encouragement from her friends who over the years, were hooked on her cookies!
Emily is the consulting nutritionist at Active Health QEII in Christchurch.
Check out Em’s power cookies, they’re are fantastic.

John & Bev’s big ride stats

We did a big ride of 500kms over two days. We thought we would put up Johns Polar stats, check out our website.

There seems to be a tread to have Clydesdale division in triathlon races. Is this division needed, does it add value to the sport and should it be given Kona slots?
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This week’s websites
    Results: Redman, New Forest    
    Half, Big Triathlon.
    Races coming up: Gold Coast Half,
    News: Xtri kona picks: Male, Female, Tri-   
    Dubai text messages, Cheap bike, New
    sponsor for 70.3 champs
    Website of the week: Bike tech review.
    Other websites: Tri-Dubai text messages,

Train well

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Episode 25 Ironman Talk Ironmantalk Episode 24 - Sep 20th, 2006

In this week’s episode:

In this weeks show:
This weekend's race results, plus what's up next week.
Bevan and Johns report after their big training weekend.
Zack gets 2 years!

Age grouper of the week
Alicia Parr is our age grouper of the week for coming in 3rd, including the men, in the Grand Columbian! Well done Alicia.
Also check out Katya Meyer’s website, last weeks winner.

High 5 Cold Weather IM Tips

1. Overdress, it’s better to be to warm than to cold!

2.  Roll arm warmers up.

3.  Have gloves, toe warmers and a hat to wear on the bike.

4.  Wear a disposable polyprop.

5.  Delay getting into the swim too early.

Questions and Answers

TJs question about lactate testing devices. Go to Lactate Pro.
Des told us about The Vitruvian race. Plus asked about for more information on John lactate results.
Gary wanted to know if a long bike, long run brick is a good thing?
Fausto wondered if doing a marathon 4 months out from an Ironman is a bad thing. John had a similar question.
Ben wanted to know what ‘Ironman Pace’meant.
Rob gave some great feedback on IM Canada. He asked if they should have wave starts with such big numbers?
Guy wanted to know about road bike tyres.
Gary and Neil let us know that IMUK may be moving.
Andrew let us know about some races.

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Episode 24 Ironman Talk

In this weeks show:
This weekend's race results, plus what's up next week.

Hamish Carter saying that triathlon needs to be aware of drugs.

Interbike Coming up in Vagas!

Age grouper of the week

Katya Meyers for being the last name on the results page! Although, in a time of 11:33:39, she must have had a good race.
We also want to take away Jim Beuselinck’s age grouper award and give it to Mark Stenning. Mark came second to Jim in IMUK.

High 5 Keeping you swim cap on

1.  Get a hair cut if you have long hair. That was John’s hint for Bevan.

2.  Use a Silicone cap, the extra money is worth it. Plus make sure it has a grip around the bottom edge.

3.  Have dry hair when you put the cap on.

4.  Pull the cap right down so it covers the front of the forehead and the ears.

5.  Use a push start instead of diving in. This way the cap will stay on.

Questions & Answers
Matthew Cowdrey’s question about buying a power measurement kit for the bike.
Gary’s feedback on the British media’s coverage of their success at the ITU world champs.
Mark Stenning’s view on what happened in IMUK.
Dave Remy has put his race plan up again. Check out our links page.
Gary Fegans feedback from the Pirates in Germany.

This week’s websites
    Results: Ironman Wisonsin,    
    Bondesse Tri Challenge, Iron Desert, Lost
    Races coming up: Espirit Triathlon, Grand    
    Columbian, The Survival of the
    News: Interbike Conference. Kristel
    Laureyssen’s Calendar.
    Website of the week:  Marathon Guide.
    Other websites: Priates race reports.    

Train well
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Episode 23 Ironman Talk Episode 23 Ironman Talk

In this weeks show:
This weekend's race results, plus what's up next week.

Ironman Arizona 2007 has been sold out.

ITU putting time and money into the development of the sport.

Age grouper of the week

This week's age grouper is Axel Reiser for getting 7th in Ironman Korea. He was the first age grouper home in a time of 8:39:12. Good luck in Hawaii.
We also got an email from Fausto in Brazil about Reinaldo Colucci. This is a young kid to is someone look out for in the future.

High 5 for change a flat tyre!

1.  Check the outside of the tyre for any objected that could have caused the flat.

2.  Keep the leavers close to each when putting them under the tyre.

3.  Find the hole by pumping up the tube once you have got it out. Then check inside the wheel at the same place.

4.  Put the new valve in the wheel and then put a little bit of air in tube before putting the tyre back on.

5.  Be careful not to pinch the tube when using the leaver to put the tyre back on.

Product Review Centre

Future Dreams DVD

Questions & Answers
Mathews question: Can age groupers peak 3 times in a year.
Ray asking if there is any need for aerobars for slower riders. Plus about core exercises.
Brian was wondering if he should focus sprints or Olympics before doing a half.
BZA asks if Dave Remy could put his race plan up again.
Fausto was wondering if he should ride with group even though it�s not what his program says.
Jonathan asks about when to start IM specfic training.
Ian about the difference be Olympic and halves.

This week's websites
Results: The Canadian, Monico 70.3.
Races coming up: Ironman Wisonsin,    
Bondesse Tri Challenge, Iron Desert.
News: Arizona sold out, ITUâ��s Globe    
Website of the week:   A great triathlon    
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Future Dreams for Haydn's video.    

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