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On this weeks show Hunter Allen is back. He's on to talk about the 3rd edition of his Training and Racing with a Power Meter book. In this interview we specifically focus on how triathletes should use power in their training and racing. You can follow Hunter here.

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Chris McCormack is back on the show to talk about Superleague, he shares how it got started, how things are progressing and where it’s heading to in the future.

We also have Ritch Viola and John Matson from Everyman Jack are on the show to talk the Everyman Jack team and the work they have been doing in trying to reduce the drafting at the Ironman World Championships. You can read the article about this here.

This week John has a rant where he has to contain himself, watch out Ironman. 

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On this weeks show Coach John covers how you can use the data from your 70.3 race to plan your Ironman race strategy. 

We also have News, Age Grouper of the Week, Website of the Week and Q&A's.

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This week we have Scott Molina back on the show. He talks about the top male triathletes in the 80’s and what racing was like during that period.

We also have News; Discussion of the Week; Coaches Corner and Q&A's. 

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