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Episode 53 Ironman Talk - Peter Reid Episode 53 Ironman Talk

News for this week
This weekend�s race results, plus what�s up next week.
Ironman on You Tube.
Dick Hoyt keeps on giving the love.
70.3 Champs on NBC in the U.S.

Peter Reid Interview
We have Ironman legend Peter Reid on the show this week. He gives us heaps of insight into his life as an professional Ironman. Peter was really cool and we know you will enjoy the interview.
Check out his website:

Website of the Week
Uli sent us through wunderground. It�s a website that is a great source for weather stats. It�s very useful when you are traveling. Thanks, Uli.

High 5: Running Up Hill
This week we cover the technique you need to maintain when running up hill.
1. Keep leaning forward with your hips up.
2. Keep cadence high.
3. Short steps - don�t try to lift stride length when you want to go fast.
4. Keep good knee lift.
5. Maintain good rhythm, esp when the going gets tough.
Next week we�re going to cover running down hill.

What do you think the charge should be for entering a IM race? Is the price we pay fair?
Click here to go to the page then click on �comment� to add your comments.

Age Grouper of the week
Connie Dauben won the female 30-34 age group in IM South Africa. She also managed to get in the top 100 overall. Her race splits were: swim 1:21, bike 5:40, run 3:39 for an overall time of 10;49:09. Well done Connie Dauben, you are our age grouper of the week!

Kia Kaha
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Episode 52 Ironman Talk Episode 52, Time with a virgin.
Your weekly Ironman fix.

News for this week
This weekend’s race results, plus what’s up next week.
Simon Lessing is selling his Tri Dubai kit for charity.
20 Questions with Erin Baker on Xtri.
Geelong to become Australian home of 70.3.
101 has sponsors.

Interview with Chris Rose
Chris completed his first ever Ironman in  New Zealand. We got his insight as a first timer. He shares what he learnt on his big day.

Website of the Week
Now John has a ipod Matthew sent through this link. It’s a website where you can buy your favorite triathletes song list from itunes. It raises money for charity, great idea.
The website is:

It’s coming up to our first year of Ironman Talk. We want you to put forward your 3 favorite moments from the show. We’re going to make a big thing out of these answers during the first year show.

Age Grouper of the week
Jack Lynch stuck to the traditional Ironman plan by having an easy swim, bike and hammered the run. We also mentioned some Japanese guy who managed to just stay in front of the clock the whole day.

Coach’s Corner
John covers cramping in the swim. Why it happens, what we can do to avoid it and how to deal with it in the race.
John’s going to covering how to run Epic like training over the next few shows. Next week we have Peter Reid.

We have skype, check out our website.
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Episode 51 Ironman Talk Episode 51, And now for the big question!
Your weekly Ironman fix.

News for this week
This weekend’s race results, plus what’s up next week.
Epic Camp in the News
Quiet news week

Website of the Week is a great place to find races anywhere in the world.


If you were to choose who we were to have an interview with on Ironman Talk who would you have. Plus what would be the number 1 question you would ask?

Questions and Answers

Our focus this week is to try and catch up on some of the questions that have been piling up in Ironman Talk Studios. If you’ve sent in a question hopefully we cover it.

Coach’s Corner
In our tradition of taking on the hard subjects this week we are covering runners trots. John will cover why it happens and provides heaps of different ways to prevent it
John’s going to covering cramping during the swim and how to run Epic like training over the next few shows.

This week’s websites
    Website of the week: trimapper
    Other sites: IM New Zealand results, IM
    South Africa, Chris’ & TRex race reports.
     Amazing article about drugs.
    Where to get the older shows if you don’t
    have itunes:
    When you are there click on the grey word
    ‘Pod’ next to each shows episode.
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Episode 50 Ironman Talk Episode 50 Ironman Talk

In this weeks show:

John and Bevans race reports
In the aftermath of IMNZ John and Bevan give a break down of the race. They cover the swim, bike and run.

High 5 Age Group Athletes in Taupo

1 Gary Burgess - Did a 9:50 at the age of 50!
2. David Craig - PB by 40 mins with a time of 9:58.
3. Greg Fraine - Won his 40-44 age group and got 12th overall in a time of 9:11.
4. Keegan Williams - Did a 9:11 in his first Ironman plus got 10th overall!
5. Shirley Ralston - Won the womans 55-59 age group in a time of 13:37.
Well done to all the Ironman Talk listeners who completed the race!


If you were in a pack during a race and someone was drafting on purpose would you point them out to the draft busters?

Click here to go to the page then click on ‘comment’ to add you goals. 

Interview with Jo Lawn
 Wellington born, Auckland raised, Lawn has taken a roundabout route to the top of triathlon racing. She played every sport ever invented during high school. Joanna was a member of the New Zealand cycling team for the Commonwealth Games in 1998. For the past four years she has been improving from a 4th placed in her first attempt at the distance to winning Ironman New Zealand for the past two years. She also holds the course record at 9:17.  In 2005 she finished 4th in the world championship held in Kona, Hawaii.
Joanna and her husband Armando Galarraga are now living in Auckland, New Zealand.
Check out her website:

Kia Kaha
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