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Episode 13 Ironman Talk I'll do the show notes later on in the week. Check out the website on Sunday.
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Train well.

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Episode 12 Ironman Talk Ironmantalk Episode 12 - June 21st, 2006
In this week’s episode:

Results from UK 70.3, Muskoka (Canada), New Balance Half (return of Lori Bowden).

This weekends races: Ironman France & Ironman Coeur d’Alene. (Bevan and John had the same people for their tantalizer picks.)
Peter Reid retires from being a professional Ironman.

John is setting up for Epic Camp in France.

An interview with Ian Wright from about his triathlon and cycle tours in France.

High 5: Traveling tips for packing you bike. Check out our Top 5 Triathlon Tips pages.

Age grouper of the week:
Victor Mccloud for doing a 70.3 at the age of 69! Go you good thing!

Website of the week!:

Coach’s Corner:
Swim tests plus blister tips.

Questions and Answers
Well done Paul on your first 70.3.
Gary’s question about using a local or internet coach.
Matthews question on a world series for Ironman.
Lastly a bigYa-harrrrrrrrrrrrr to the Runner’s World Pirates!

Train Well
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Episode 11 Ironman Talk Ironmantalk Episode 11 - June 14th, 2006
In this week’s episode:

Results from Eagleman 70.3, Cam Brown got 3rd in Spain.

Olaf is to have a meeting with WTC President Ben Ferric.

The Ironman Documentary with Peter Reid, Lori Bowden, Heather Fuhr and Luke Bell. It’s called ‘What It Takes’.

The website to get old Ironman DVDs,

John is off to France for Epic Camp! Bring it on. We are going to have heaps of interviews over the week.

Age Grouper of the Week!:
Mike Caiazzo for making top 10 as an age grouper in some race!
Plus check out the piece on Vicki Jones.

High 5: Open water swimming tips. Check out our Top 5 Triathlon Tips page on the website.

Website of the week!:
Triathlon Times

Coach’s Corner:
Race Planning - check out John’s article.

Questions and Answers:

Paul’s question about drafting.

Emma going to do an Ironman, bring it on girl!

Patrick asked about interviews with the legends of the sport.

Matthew with another great question about unions for the sport.

Thanks Sean.

Train Well

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Episode 10 Ironman Talk Ironmantalk Episode 10 - June 7th, 2006
In this week’s episode:


Results from Honu 70.3 plus Oliver Half.
There has been a lot of activity from Olaf at Triathlon Professionals Organisation. They have been expressing there views on drug testing and the drafting zones.

Chris McCormack going back to Olympic distance triathlons.
Gordo’s race report on xtri.

Challenge Queenstown race entry’s open.

Age Grouper of the Week!:
Luis De La Torre for being the first person home from Hawaii in the Honu 70.3. Plus he had a great race, getting 6th!

High 5: Winter bike training tips. Check out our Top 5 Triathlon Tips page.

Website of the week: Special thanks to Jo Rowell.

Coach’s Corner: Setting goals. Check out John’s article and Bevan’s article.

Questions and Answers: Why are New Zealand, Australia and Germany athletes doing so well in triathlon?

Luke Bells Podcast.

Thanks to Mark Cathcart for his help on I.T. stuff!

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