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In this weeks show Bevan has a Coaches Corner segment where he looks at how your self identity can hold you back as an athlete. Then he give a process where you can shift this to your advantage. 

We also have News, Discussion of the Week, Age Groupers of the Week, and Q&As. 

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This week we have legendary coach John Hellemans on the show. He has recently released his new book Never, Ever Give Up? He talks about the process of writing his book, shares some stories from his time in the sport, and his thoughts on how athletes have changed over the years. 

We also have News, Discussion of the Week, and Q&A's. 

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This week we get Bob Seebohar back on the show. He’s just released a new cook book for plant based metabolic efficiency. Bob talks about how to transition to either a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. He also covers how to do this within the metabolic efficiency framework.

You can gets Bob’s book by clicking here. You can check out his Smart Cocoa drink here:

We also have News, Discussion of the Week, and Q&A's.

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This week we have an interview with an amazing age group athlete, Valerie Gonzalez. Valerie has an inspirational story about starting the sport later in life and then going on to achieve so amazing goals. 

We also have: News, Discussion of the Week, Age Grouper of the Week, Q&As. 

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