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This week we have an interview with Russ Cox. Russ is the analysis man for Ironman races. His website,, is the best place to get a deeper look at the data from all of the Ironman races in the world. On this weeks show Russ shares some great insights about the state of the sport right now. 

We also have News, Discussion of the Week, Coaches Corner, Age Grouper of the Week, and Q&As. 

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This week we have an interview with Dr Allen Lim. Dr Lim is a sports physiologist, cycling coach, and a founder of Skratch Labs, a manufacturer of performance hydration mixes and the world’s first active nourishment company. In this interview he talks about multi day fuelling, fluid absorption, and his cookbook for athletes.

We also have News, This Weeks Discussion, Age Grouper of the Week, Website of the Week, and Q&As. 

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News: 70.3 Champs showdowns; Results (including Ultra 520k Canada); John ITU update; Coming up Races. 

This Weeks Discussion: This week we want to know what you feel is the biggest threat to Iron distance racing in terms of maintaining athletes in the sport. Comment here

Age Grouper of the Week: Brent “Waaaaah” Chan sent through this weeks Age Grouper, Valerie Gonzales. 

John's History Lesson: This week we look at the history of the 70.3 World Championships. 

My First Tri:This week we have an amazing My First Tri.

This Weeks Websites: Canada Kona Qualifiers

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This week we have an interview with pro athlete Chris Leiferman. We talk about his history before the sport, career to this point in time, and his plans for this year. 

We always have News, Discussion of the Week, and Q&A's. 

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